As the 2019 Australian federal election creeps closer – Saturday May 18 – the media coverage becomes an avalanche of messages. In less than three weeks’ time, we need to have sorted through the information overload and arrived at a vote we can live with. Live with… What a perfect segue, because life, the very essence of it, was thrust into the election spotlight with Labor’s promise to make abortion free and available at public hospitals everywhere. More on that in a bit.

The question is…

Will your vote on May 18 reflect the values you uphold for life?

Will your vote be a flag to Australian leaders that we care deeply for the unborn and their mothers?

Will you take hold of this opportunity to speak life into the fabric of Australian culture?

We all have our bugbears. There will be different policy positions that appeal to you or rile you up more than others. Some will affect you more directly than for other people. Whether it’s the response to climate change, aged care, the pension, penalty rates, higher education, live exports, immigration, terrorism or child care. But none of that means a jot if our right to live is not protected. What’s the use in jumping up and down about improvements to childcare when the self same government would support removing those very children from their mother’s womb before they have the chance to play in any mooted state-of-the-art playground?

That’s why we are appealing to you.

Make your vote count for life

Do your research and vote for a politician and party that will stand boldly for the unborn and their mothers.

And, at the very least, put Labor last. As you will see, the Labor party’s abortion plans are the most alarming, while most other parties seem scared to even utter that divisive word, “abortion”.

Where the major parties stand on abortion

Labor Party

  • Taxpayer-funded abortions will be offered in public hospitals.
  • Late-term abortions will also be publicly funded, in line with the laws of each state and territory.
  • Labor will push for abortion to be legalised in NSW and SA.
  • Labor will build an abortion clinic in Tasmania, adjoining a public hospital.
  • Labor will push uptake of long-term contraceptives including Implanon and Mirena IUD as part of a $9 million Womens Reproductive Health Package.

Liberal Party

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has said that abortion access is a matter for individual states and territories and a federal Liberal government would not get involved.

“These are matters that are dealt with by the states and territories. I have no desire to overstep what the constitutional authorities are of the commonwealth in these matters.”

Greens Party

  • Free and legal abortion in all states and territories (full support of Labor’s abortion policy).
  • Counselling not mandatory.
  • Legislation mandating “transparency in advertising for counselling services” to ensure that federal funding is only spent on so-called “unbiased counselling”.

“The Greens want all women to have improved access to reproductive health and abortion services, including access to abortions in public hospitals within a reasonable distance of their homes. To achieve this we will provide $15 million to fund the additional cost to public hospitals, as well as to cut out-of-pocket costs, and invest in improved data collection on termination rates.”

Source: 2019 Equality for Women policy document

Australian Conservatives

While the Australian Conservatives, led by Cory Bernardi, has no abortion policy information available on its website, the party is known for its strong position opposing abortion. Earlier this month, Senator Bernardi shared this commentary:

Abortion debate reignites

We need to talk about late-term abortion and gender-selection abortion in Australia

Posted by Australian Conservatives on Thursday, 14 February 2019


United Australia Party

Clive Palmer’s cashed-up campaign includes no information on the party’s stance on abortion. The website has no information either. In the past, Mr Palmer has indicated personal opposition to abortion.

One Nation Party

The One Nation website and campaign material includes no mention of abortion. Once again, voters are left to come to their own conclusions as to the party’s stance on life. Worth noting is that, in 2017, Pauline Hanson sided with Cory Bernardi in an unsuccessful motion to the senate to stop Medicare-funding of abortions.

Remember, put Labor last on your voting slip. Labor’s extreme abortion policy simply is not compatible with life. If you would like to help letterbox in your electorate to promote life, contact our friends at Cherish Life 

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