Twenty-seven West Australian babies who survived abortions over a 17-year period were left to die without any medical care, State Parliament has been told.*

Replying on behalf of Health Minister Roger Cook, Parliamentary Secretary Alanna Clohesy made the shocking and distressing admission in June in response to a question from Liberal Member for Southern Metropolitan Region, Nick Goiran, who wants a parliamentary inquiry into abortion.

Twenty-one of the babies were 20 weeks gestation or more.

The children received no medical care or comfort because the mothers, the medical profession and society demanded dead children.

The Defence of Human Life in WA has organised a petition demanding an inquiry, and we encourage supporters in the West to add their names in opposition to this crime against defenceless children.

Almost as shocking as children being left to die is the absence of any media coverage of the deaths which occurred between July 1999 and December 2016.

In all the hysteria about same-sex marriage, North Korea, the parliamentary citizenship debacle and stories about reality TV, the deaths of unnamed and unwanted children doesn’t warrant a mention.

A quick Google search shows no media outlets thought the deaths newsworthy. However the search does uncover an ABC story from June last year when Queensland Health Minister Cameron Dick admitted that 27 babies had survived abortion in 2015. A total of 204 children were born alive from 2005-2015.

The Minister was unclear about what treatment, if any, these children received. He said: “Care of a baby following birth is individualised to the specific circumstances, and informed by the choices of the family. In line with clinical guidelines, a range of pre and post terminal cares are provided.

“These may include physiological support of the baby to relieve potential for suffering, and psychological support for families including bereavement counselling.”

The admission came as the Queensland parliament considered a bill to decriminalise abortion in the State.

Latest figures for WA show around 8,000 children are aborted each year. 2016 figures of 7839 were down 4% on the previous year.

Based on the WA and Queensland statistics, a dozen or more children could be born alive each year only to die after struggling for breath.

Nick Goiran’s campaigning since 2010 has revealed that children have been aborted late term (post 20 weeks) for disabilities including dwarfism, cleft palate and Down syndrome, contravening the State’s laws only allowing abortion post 20 weeks for “serious disabilities” or significant medical conditions affecting the mother.

*Reference: Extract from Hansard, Legislative Council, Thursday, June 15, 2017, p 1003b-1004a.

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