In less than two minutes, a French filmmaker has powerfully portrayed the gravity of a woman’s choice when she discovers she is pregnant.

À un Choix de te Perdre (translated as, With a Choice to Lose You) was created to coincide with the March for Life in Paris last month and has seen more than 66,000 views since.

When you watch the video, you will see two alternate realities.

One details a woman glowing in her motherhood role, laughing and playing with her gorgeous blonde-haired son. They’re playing hide-and-seek in the curtains. They’re counting his fingers. They’re cuddling. It’s like peering into the window of a happy home where support, love and security are the foundation for a joyous childhood.

Cut to the same woman laid out on a hospital bed, the tools of abortion glinting in the glare of fluorescent lights overhead.

This choose-your-own-adventure has a sinister twist that sees the boy suddenly dishevelled, blood dripping from his nose, a storm tugging at the curtains and hurling objects across the room, vases smashing to the floor. The destruction of abortion is there in the room with the mother and her son. Her instinct is to hold him close, to protect his vulnerability with her own frame. But then, her arms are empty.

“Qu’aurait été ma vie sans toi?” is the question asked on a black screen.

“What would my life have been like without you?”

The child is back, smiling, alive, vibrant.

She chose him.

But a question lingers for viewers: what are we robbing ourselves of when we choose abortion?

Read some real stories of women and men who have faced unplanned or unexpected pregnancy.

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