There are some striking similarities between the Union Movement’s latest ad campaign and the Emily’s Voice life campaigns.

Both are about rights: The right of workers to have security of employment and a living wage; and the right of unborn children, our future workers, union leaders and CEO’s, to have a life.

We have a Movement for Life, the union movement has a Movement for Change.

The ACTU is spending millions of dollars over the next eight weeks highlighting the injustice the average worker endures while company profits and CEO salaries and bonuses skyrocket.

We are spending a lot less, not by choice, highlighting the pressure on women to have abortions including from “Big Abortion” as well as coercive partners and indifferent doctors.

The union campaign claims many large businesses pay no taxes. We have pointed out in recent months that Australia’s largest abortion provider, Marie Stopes, has set itself up as a charity so Australians can get a tax deduction for sponsoring an abortion.

The union movement campaign is predicated on highlighting the imbalance caused by the rich and powerful using their positions of influence to crush the weak and vulnerable.

The abortion issue also relies on the big and powerful exerting their rights and will against the unseen, unheard and unrepresented child in the womb.

We are happy to the be the union movement for the unborn and their mums, to fight for the rights and welfare of both groups.

We invite you to join us by signing up to the Movement for Life and encouraging your friends to be advocates for life.

You may also like to make a donation to enable the voice of life and love to be heard more often, in more places.

Unlike the union movement, our members don’t pay dues or subscriptions, or make financial gifts to political parties.

Our work is sponsored by people like you, of faith or good conscience who cannot remain silent while 70-80,000 children annually do not get to experience life outside the womb.

What is Emily’s Voice?

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