This Father’s Day, we’re throwing wide the criteria on what it takes to be acknowledged and celebrated on Sunday, September 2. That’s right. This is not just for fathers in the typical, “I have kids, I’m male, therefore I’m a dad” kind of way.

We want to speak to the potential in each and every man to be a father.

There’s a lot of education these days on preventing mishaps of the reproductive variety. In school, children are taught about contraception, as they should. But are they taught about fatherhood? Our experience tells us that they aren’t. And we can’t expect schools to be solely responsible for this integral part of a person’s holistic learning. But if it’s not spoken of or modelled at home, how will they know?

Young men, whether you are six or sixteen, you hold the potential for fatherhood. A father’s heart is within you, a truth that will one day be awakened.

Probably not anytime soon. But perhaps we should talk about it more. Maybe there are more ways we can prepare you for what will be one of the single most awe-inspiring titles you will don in your entire life.

Fellas, it’s nothing to be afraid of. Be excited! Be proud! Be assured that fatherhood is a part of your makeup and, when you meet the opportunity, whether planned or unplanned, your father’s heart will enlarge, popping the buttons of your shirt like Superman preparing for a new assignment.

That won’t really happen.
But what I’m saying is that you are capable. And in this season of your life, when fatherhood seems a distant mirage that you’d prefer not to entertain… give it a little thought. Even just to acknowledge that there is potential within you to be a father.

Older men, whether in your twenties or nineties, if you are not a father, please don’t discount yourself from the fatherhood celebrations. You have a father’s heart. It’s the way you were designed. And there’s every chance it’s a part of your future.

This Father’s Day, why not take a moment to celebrate the potential within you.

It’s true that some of you will never be a father in the sperm-meets-egg traditional way. But that does not diminish the reality of a father’s heart beating in your chest; does not diminish your ability to put that to good use.

What defines a great father anyway?

He leads, laughs, protects, encourages, guides, advocates, plays, provides, loves. He fails sometimes too, but don’t we all?

Those with a father’s heart can step into spaces where their counterparts have left gaps. Kids need good male role models, and they don’t have to be blood relatives to make an impact. Time, love and interest are key ingredients.

So to all the men, young and old, we wish you a happy, happy Father’s Heart Day this Sunday.
Acknowledge this precious part of you.
Celebrate your inner dad!

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