Thank you for partnering with Emily’s Voice in our beautiful, hopeful and effective life and love campaigns. Through your partnership, we are now reaching 4.7 million Australians in four States resulting in many women including Stacey (see below) having the courage to continue their unplanned pregnancy.

On December 25, we remember the most scandalous and significant unplanned pregnancy in history: the miracle conception and birth of Jesus.

Every new life is a miracle, but tragically, each year in Australia, 70-80,000 little miracles do not get to experience life outside the womb. This Christmas we are asking for your urgent help to raise $30,000 to enable us to make more miracles by sharing more stories, in more places, more often, as we give hope and courage to brave mums and beautiful babies.

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How Emily’s Voice saved one mum and her baby

Stacey, from Tasmania, was living in a women’s shelter, ditching school and doing drugs when she discovered she was pregnant.

“I was scared. I was definitely considering abortion.
The first time I heard about Emily’s Voice was when I saw Madeleine’s ad on television. I’d seen it before getting pregnant and I didn’t think twice about it, but when I found out I was pregnant it changed everything.
A few weeks later I was going through the mail and I found a little feet pin from Emily’s Voice showing the size of an unborn baby at just 10 weeks in the womb, and that really affected me.
I realised that if I didn’t have Oliver, I might always regret that decision.”

Thank you for helping make miracles happen

Thank you for your generous support, and best wishes for a safe and holy Christmas and New Year.

PS. This year’s appeal is made even more urgent as Queensland adopts new abortion-to-birth laws.

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