A UK-based abortion counsellor has revealed that 75% of her clients were coerced into having an abortion. Clare Bremner of Abortion Recovery Care and Helpline said it was the “most unrecognised and insidious forms of domestic abuse”, in an article for The Times.

“In my long experience, typically 75 per cent of the women who summon up the courage and bravery to make a call for help regarding an abortion were pressurised or bullied into having one, in almost all cases by the man involved. This is a significant risk-factor for psychological and emotional problems afterwards,” she wrote.

“It must be among the worst things a man can do to a woman — the mother of his unborn and innocent child.”

Ms Bremner points out that abortion coercion is so entrenched in UK culture (and Australia would not be much different) that often men involved don’t realise that their behaviour is abusive.

“That is quite remarkable but moreover worrying for those of us who want to see change.”

Ms Bremner lauded moves by the Scottish government to tighten domestic violence laws earlier this year, and encouraged women to identify abortion coercion within its framework.

“We want this legislation to be used by victims to secure recognition and justice. In addition, it will hopefully educate and enlighten men about this form of abuse and help shift existing toxic attitudes. We realise that it is likely most of the men involved would not even identify their behaviour as abusive, yet pushing a woman into an abortion undoubtedly comes under this law.”

Read Miss X’s story of abortion coercion here in Australia.

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