Australia’s leading abortionist, Marie Stopes, says middle-aged mums are terminating unplanned children so they don’t have to buy “a bigger car” and to ensure the older siblings have a better standard of living.

In a warped definition of love, Marie Stopes’ senior medical officer, Dr Catriona Melville, told News Limited’s Rebecca Sullivan that over 30s “love their kids”, but can’t afford another one, fearing they would lose their job and have to “get a bigger car”.

“You can hear they are tortured in their decision because they are doing it for their families,” Dr Melville said.

“If this happens (we have another child), I can’t look after the first three children properly,” older women reported.

A 2017 Marie Stopes survey of  2100 women showed 75 per cent of patients aged over 30 seeking abortion had at least one other child, and 27 per cent had three or more.

The biased and misleading news report claims women aged 36-40 are the single biggest group seeking abortions, but in a glaring omission, abortions among women 21-35 are not included in the story. Research from South Australia and Western Australia shows 20-24-year-olds represent 29 per cent and 26.6 per cent of abortions respectively in these States, and that 80 per cent of abortions occur in those under 35.

The story, under the guise of news, is another blatant promotion for abortion and Marie Stopes as it seeks to justify and normalise the termination of healthy children being born to healthy women.

Rebecca Sullivan quotes “online forums and parenting Facebook groups littered with anonymous accounts from middle-aged mothers fraught with their decision”.

She quotes one anonymous source presumably representative of women over 30 who said: “Another child would have a significant impact on our careers, our finances, our family dynamic and there is also (the) unknown question of my husband’s future health. I’ve already booked in for a termination and I guess all I’m asking for is some reassurance I’m making the right decision.”

Marie Stopes, through News Limited, is very happy to provide reassurance and the abortion.

Our latest media campaign features Jasmine, a mum in her thirties who unexpectedly falls pregnant with child number three, nine years after her second daughter. Jasmine chose to continue her pregnancy despite chronic sickness and money worries. She has no regrets.








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