Abortion on demand for any reason is a step closer to reality for NSW after the Reproductive Health Care Reform Bill 2019 was passed in the lower house late on Thursday night (August 8).

There were cheers and clapping when the bill passed this first hurdle, with MPs voting in favour, 59-31. The bill will now be debated in the upper house (the Legislative Council), which is due to begin on August 20.

It’s not too late

There is still a small window of opportunity for you to voice your concerns to the Inquiry. Even a brief submission of a couple of lines outlining why you believe the bill is flawed will contribute to a robust combined response. But you need to do it straight away! Submissions close tomorrow – they need to be received by 5pm, Tuesday August 13.


What do I say?

Here are some alarming truths about the bill that you could direct attention to:

  • This bill would legalise abortion on the basis of sex-selection. Meaning healthy baby girls could be aborted simply because the parents want a boy.
  • The bill would force doctors and nurses to participate in an abortion, even if they object to abortion on ethical or religious grounds.
  • The bill allows open-slather abortion, including late term after 22 weeks.
  • There is no mandatory requirement for counselling in the bill, which might provide women with an opportunity to discuss more options.
  • There is no requirement that neonatal care be given to a child born alive as a consequence of undergoing an abortion procedure.
  • There is currently no requirement that medical practitioners report abortion procedures performed on girls under 16 years to the Secretary of the Department of Communities and Justice.

What else can I do?

The billboard that was removed after a complaint

The culture of life in NSW is already being eroded. Recently, oOh! Media and Transport NSW removed our heartbeat campaign (pictured right), saying it was “appalling” and offensive. They want to stop us telling Australians a basic truth: that a heart beats at four weeks from conception. We think THAT’S appalling. If you are similarly outraged, please sign the petition below and stop the censorship.

Sign the Petition



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