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Emily’s Voice exists to help Australians fall in love with the unborn and encourage and support women facing an unplanned or crisis pregnancy.

We started in 2007 when a group of friends gathered for dinner and the subject turned to abortion. They were concerned at the vast number of abortions (80,000 p.a. at the time, now about 70-80,000) 1 and the devastating physical and psychological effects on women, 70 per cent of whom would have continued an unplanned or crisis pregnancy if just one significant person had encouraged them to do so. 2

Abortion is an irreversible decision, often made under duress, when a woman is vulnerable and usually without all the necessary information to make an informed choice.

The founders decided that an ongoing, positive and beautiful national media campaign was needed to restart and reframe the life issue.

We remain committed to the original mission to change the social consciousness of a nation until abortion is considered uncommon and unnecessary.

We are motivated by love for women and their unborn children.

Our beautiful media campaigns celebrate the beauty, dignity and value of every life, and feature real, personal stories about unplanned pregnancy.

The campaigns link to the website to expand the discussion about life, by providing accurate, timely and helpful information and support.

The website contains links to organisations and resources that can provide this support and counselling, as well as featuring many other personal stories of women, men and families in similar circumstances.

We also provide some financial assistance to practical pregnancy support services in areas where we advertise.

Our campaigns can be seen in Tasmania, Western Australia, regional Queensland and the Hunter Valley of NSW.

Emily’s Voice is a not-for-profit charity, a company Limited by Guarantee, governed by a board of directors and managed by a Chief Executive Officer.

The directors, staff, volunteers and supporters come from a diverse range of backgrounds.

We rely on public donations to fund our campaigns.

We invite you to join us by being an advocate for life and love.

Learn more about how you can get involved.

The message we share…

It Works!


Our campaigns are changing attitudes and saving lives. Just like Stacey’s. Watch her story.

A Galaxy Poll we commissioned in February 2012 of 400 residents 16+ in the Toowoomba Local Government Area showed: 3


7% or 4500 people of all age groups who had seen the ads had changed their views on abortion

22% or 2,300 people aged 16-24 said the television advertisements had changed their views on abortion



60% or 65,200 respondents said they had seen our ads, including 71% of women.

36% of all those surveyed said they were generally in favour of abortion, compared with the State and national averages of 62%-80%, as indicated by various Morgan, Galaxy and Newspoll surveys.


We have achieved similar results in Tasmania where we have been advertising since May 2013.4

11% of 400 respondents to a Galaxy Research survey in 2014 said they had changed their views on abortion as a direct result of the ads, including 25% of 16-24-year-olds.

Most respondents in the Darling Downs and Tasmania said the ads were credible.

Baseline surveys in both markets show that while Australians are “generally” supportive of abortion, from 60-90% are opposed to the reasons why most women have them: financial, career and lifestyle reasons. Most Australians are opposed to late-term abortions (post 20 weeks) and where the procedure is being considered because the child has a mild disability.

  1. South Australian Abortion Reporting Committee Annual Report, 2015, tabled in the Legislative Assembly, May 18, 2017. Induced Abortions in Western Australia, 2010-2012, Department of Health, July 2013, Statistical Series no 96, ISSN: 0816299.
  2. Based on David Reardon’s research in Aborted Women, Silent No More (Elliot Institute, 2002) and Passage Through Abortion: Personal and Social Reality of Women’s Experiences by Mary Zimmerman (Praeger Publishers, 1978). A story by Tony Moore in the Sydney Morning Herald (Hidden Abortion Pressure Revealed,September 2, 2009) quoted a senior counsellor from Pregnancy Counselling Link in Brisbane as saying that 70 per cent of women were pressured into abortion by their partners. Surveys by Marie Stopes (What Women Want When Faced with Abortion, 2006) and Lifeway (Study of Women Who Have an Abortion, 2015) show the significant influence of others in the pregnancy decision. The Guttmacher Institute also has research revealing that many teenagers who have abortions are directly and indirectly influenced by the opinions of others. See also
  3. Galaxy Research Poll of 400 respondents aged 16-49, conducted February 2012 in the Toowoomba Local Government Area.
  4. Galaxy Research post-campaign survey of 400 respondents, 16-49, conducted August 2014 in Hobart, Launceston and other local government regions.

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