This Is

Our Mandate


Help Australians fall in love with the unborn and support women with an unplanned or crisis pregnancy.

We achieve our mission through:



Inspiring true stories



accurate, timely information

Counselling and Support

Through referral to other organisations


To be an organisation responsible for significantly reducing the abortion rate in Australia without shaming and condemning women, regardless of the choice they make






Our Beliefs

Human life begins at conception and should be valued, respected and protected, regardless of sex, race, religion, disability or circumstances-of-conception.

Unborn children, from the moment of conception, need special protection by virtue of their size, vulnerability, immaturity, and inability to speak for themselves.

Abortion destroys a unique, valuable and precious child, and often leaves a woman wounded, physically and emotionally.

Motherhood should be honoured, celebrated and elevated for its unique contribution to society.

 No woman should be pressured, coerced, manipulated or hurried into making a decision to discontinue her pregnancy.

Every pregnant woman should receive information and support, including financial, medical, psychological, legal and emotional assistance to continue a pregnancy. 

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