Dear Clive,

I feel like I know you even though we’ve never met.

We have some friends and ideas in common, including using effective advertising campaigns to influence culture. You texted me the other day, asking me to vote for you.

You’re on my TV screen every night in prime time, on multiple channels, breathlessly telling me that you’re going to, “make Australia great”. Good for you!

I’m heading to the airport in the dark, half asleep, for another early morning flight out of Newcastle and you emerge with the dawn from a giant billboard on the Pacific Highway, dressed in shirt and tie, huge smile, giving me the thumbs up.

You are an imposing figure, and that dazzling yellow background on your ads make them unmissable.

And I’ve seen a heap of them as I traverse the country trying to raise money to speak up for mums and unborn children; the unseen, unheard and largely unrepresented future voters who will make Australia even greater.

Thirty million dollars attracts a lot of eyeballs and, according to the polls, a truckload of political influence.

Pundits are saying that your United Australia Party holds from 5 to 14 percent of the primary vote in four regional seats as we near the business end of the election.

Major parties are scrambling to do preference deals with you.

I think a lot about money.

Like you, Emily’s Voice, the organisation of which I am CEO, uses advertising to make Australia great by making abortion uncommon, unnecessary and unreasonable.

We tell beautiful and sometimes confronting true stories about unplanned pregnancy, the value of life, and the pressure on women to terminate.

Like Yvette, who was pressured to have an abortion at every single prenatal appointment because her baby was diagnosed in-utero with Trisomy 18. She said no, every time, and her baby was born completely healthy.

Like Madeleine, who had an abortion when she was 18 and has travelled a path pocked by grief and sadness. She wishes to this day that she was given other options.

Like Stacey, who was sitting in an abortion clinic, about to go through with it, but changed her mind when she saw her baby sucking her thumb happily on the ultrasound screen. She is grateful every day for the life of her daughter.

Like Katrina, a successful business woman who survived her mother’s two abortion attempts. Today, she is a mother to nine young men, four of whom were adopted in their teens to Katrina and her husband.

Advertising is the heart and soul of Emily’s Voice

We share true stories, relevant information and provide practical help through our partners for women experiencing an unplanned or crisis pregnancy.

Beautiful, truthful, hopeful advertising that encourages rather than tears down or condemns.

You would like them.

And like your advertising, ours is effective. Galaxy Research shows we are changing hearts and minds in regions where we advertise, particularly among 16-24-year-olds.

A beautiful Emily’s Voice ad (above) of a woman making a heart over her pregnant belly with the line, “A heat beat at four weeks” will look down from that same Newcastle billboard in June.

We are waiting until after the election when there is more clear air and headspace for us to speak up for life, with love.

And no, we won’t be spending $30 million, but I could save a lot of babies and protect a lot of women if I had that sort of money.

Perhaps you could help us?

I know you went to school in Toowoomba where Emily’s Voice was founded, are a Catholic who believes in the inherent and irrevocable value of life from conception, and were active in the pro-life world during your university days.

I’m writing to you because I know you have a heart to speak up for life.

You also have the means to make a difference, politically and practically, in partnership with organisations such as ours.

I’d love to meet and talk more about how to make Australia even greater.

Yours sincerely,

Paul O’Rourke

CEO, Emily’s Voice.

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