A recent study has revealed that 96 percent of biologists hold the view that human life begins at fertilisation.

The study, published last month, asked 3,883 Americans which profession was the most qualified to determine when life begins. These people were 62% pro-abortion, 63% liberal, 54% socialist, 66% Democrat, 63% college graduates, 57% female. Asked to choose between biologists, religious leaders, voters, philosophers or Supreme Court justices, 80% responded that biologists were the most qualified to determine when life begins. Ninety-two percent of the sample selected biologists because they are experts in science and are objective scientists.

The researcher, Steven Jacobs, Ph.D., then surveyed 5,577 biologists from over 86 countries and a thousand different academic institutions. Of the biologists surveyed, 63% were non-religious, only 15% identified as being pro-life, 11% were conservative and 8% Republicans, while 85% were pro-choice, 89% were liberal and 92% Democrats.

And 96% of these biologists affirmed the view that a human’s life begins at fertilisation.

We know that science and medicine continually supports the truth that life begins well before a woman even realises she is pregnant. But it is both intriguing and alarming to know just how many scientists hold to the truth of life beginning at fertilisation, while still supporting abortion to term. The study’s abstract makes special mention along these lines:

“These findings can help Americans move past the factual dispute on when life begins and focus on the operative question of when a fetus deserves legal consideration.”

Let’s not let a pesky detail like multiplying cells and the incredibly rapid development of an unborn baby get in the way of our “legal consideration” of when to call it life. Apparently we must move past the facts.

Social commentator David Pellowe writes that the study is essentially useless in the face of a world that refuses to accept the truth.

“It doesn’t actually matter how many scientists agree on any given conclusion between them. Scientific method has nothing to do with surveying the opinions of scientists. If 97% of scientists agreed black is white the facts would not change. Until Copernicus, Galileo and Kepler, the “overwhelming majority” of scientists held an opinion that the Earth was the centre of the Universe. They were wrong.

“It is only relevant that the beginning of each human life at fertilisation is empirically observable and repeatable. There is no more credible debate of this fact than when equally evil agendas claimed African slaves and European Jews were not quite human and not entitled to fundamental human rights. The pro-abortion argument is either anti science or believes the intentional killing of an innocent living human, homicide, is justifiable by radical autonomy arguments.”

What do we know?

We know that life begins at fertilisation, as affirmed by the biology profession.
We know that an unborn baby has a heartbeat at 22 days after conception.
We know that abortion unnecessarily harms women.
We know that abortion is being used as a tool of eugenics.
And we know that there are more than 70,000 abortion each year in Australia.

Using what we know (the truth!) we can bring about meaningful change at a grassroots level.
Please join the Movement for Life and be part of the change in Australia, reducing the abortion rate one woman and her baby at a time.

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