In a story of hope, strength and resilience, Julie Coulson, a pro-life advocate passionate about educating and empowering others, told a Sunshine Coast audience about the devastating effects that her three abortions had on her life and marriage.

Julie Coulson

At the Emily’s Voice gala fundraising dinner on Saturday, the mum of two adult children spoke of the pressure to abort, the lack of information and trauma support, and the shame, regret and emotional pain that ensured her abortions.

Through the support and sponsorship of a friend, Julie attended a three-day retreat where she encountered an environment to heal and recover from the pain and grief associated with her abortions.

Julie reminded the audience that abortion is a loss that effects us all. A future generation is being stolen and the world is being robbed of the individual uniqueness of each child’s life.

A history of medical eugenics

Toowoomba mother and GP Dr Jovina James gave the audience a history of medical eugenics, including profiling Dr Marie Stopes, the founder and “patron saint” of Australia’s abortion industry who advocated abortion as a means of purifying the human race from those who were imperfect, including those with disabilities but extending to the “ugly and unfit”.

“She (Dr Marie) disinherited her own son when he married a woman who wore glasses,’’ Dr James said.

Read Dr James’ compelling speech.

The tally

More than 160 guests donned suits and sparkles, raising $29,000 for Emily’s Voice life campaigns.

Board chairwoman Karina Hobbs introduced new CEO Leighton Joyce, a former NSW Police detective who has been working in Thailand on anti-trafficking programs.

Leighton spoke about his plans for the future of the organisation and highlighted how he sees abortion as an industry, much like the human trafficking industry, that exploits the vulnerability of women and the unborn. Leighton spoke about the power of collaboration and how the pro-life movement can be catalyst for change by coordinating our response as a movement rather than working in isolation.

Thank you!

Our thanks to generous event sponsors Country Heritage Feeds and Inglewood Farms, Network Communications, and To Hold and To Have Jewellers.

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