Teneil Anderson has told a Perth audience how her mother had multiple abortions and hoped her drug addiction would end Teneil’s life in the womb.

The Perth student told how she overcame the odds and not only survived but has thrived when she spoke at the Emily’s Voice Glorious Life dinner on Saturday night at Perth’s Hyatt Regency.

“I was exposed to things no child should ever know, but I would not trade my life for no life at all,” said Teneil who is studying philosophy and will soon also study law.

“I cannot begin to express the weight I feel standing in front of you this evening. It’s one of immense privilege and honour that I get to share my story of survival, where many others have not had the opportunity to see life outside of the womb,’’ she said.

“I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the word ‘choice’ and how on both sides of the abortion debate we firmly agree that women should have choice. What I love about Emily’s Voice is that they desire to empower women to make an informed decision. My mother, on countless occasions, was led by fear and not wisdom when seeking out abortions, and this is where many women can relate. We fear rejection, humiliation, the unknown, the known, others and even ourselves. And it is in these situations that love, and wisdom are most effective at guiding a confused and scared heart.

“I stand here this evening as a face for the unborn, for you to see the potential of what life outside of the womb could be.’’

Stacey’s story

Another speaker, Stacey McBride Wilson, from Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, told how she jumped off the abortionist’s table as a teen after viewing an ultrasound image of her daughter, Katie, at 19 weeks gestation, sucking her thumb.

“I said ‘I can’t go through with it’, and walked out to the waiting room.

“I walked out and went home.

“To say my life has been easy would be a lie, but I finished year 12, taking my newborn baby to the school formal, have gained not one, but two degrees, and run my own business.”

She talked of the profound joy that Katie, now 14, has brought into her life, and the lives of others.

The tally

Emily’s Voice founding CEO Paul O’Rourke, chairwoman Katrina Hobbs and new CEO Leighton Joyce.

More than 200 guests donned suits and sparkles, raising $31,000 for Emily’s Voice life campaigns in the West.

Board chairwoman Karina Hobbs introduced new CEO Leighton Joyce, a former NSW Police detective who has been working in Thailand on anti-trafficking programs.

Leighton, who takes over today from outgoing CEO, Paul O’Rourke, told how he and his wife were given the opportunity to consider an abortion for one of their children after scans showed an abnormality. They refused, and their son was born with no health problems.

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Our thanks to generous event sponsors, Burgess Electrics, Steenhof Brothers Barristers and Solicitors, and the Mobile Billboard Company.

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