Here we are, approaching the end of the 2018-19 financial year. And we are asking you to #haveaheart and partner with us by donating to our EOFY campaign. We hope to raise $50,000 by June 30 in order to fund our biggest campaign yet – a strong message of the human heart, beating within the womb from just four weeks. This campaign will be seen by 5 million Australians in four states, running from June to October. That’s right, we’ve already booked the ad spots and will be going ahead with the campaign even while we’re asking you for the money to fund it. A big step of faith.

Take a look at the ad for yourself…

We believe so passionately in the messages we share, that we think you will too. That you will catch our passion bug and fuel our mission to change the culture of life in Australia so that abortion is rare, unnecessary and unthinkable.

But we don’t expect you to blindly invest your hard-earned dollars without knowing how we will put it to use. We want to be transparent with you, good stewards of your investment.

So here’s a breakdown of everything we’ve been busy with this financial year so far.

  • We’ve raised $350,000 at dinners and high teas in four different states since July 1 last year.
  • We’ve built the Movement for Life, gathering 870 additional people into our database so that we can keep each and every one of them informed on the life issue, and equipped with ways they can make a difference. What’s that? You’re not part of it? Well, click HERE.
  • We’ve written, edited and shared 84 stories. Two of our four staff members have a background in journalism, meaning our content is engaging, balanced, informative and, importantly, unique. We don’t copy other sites’ content. Some of these are the real-life stories you have shared with us, and they are published on one or both of our websites (Emily’s Voice and Notbornyet). Our stories are shared widely and have been featured on other media outlets including Eternity Magazine, Vision Christian Media, Bella Rae Magazine and the Gatton Star in Queensland.
  • Emily’s Voice ads, featuring the stories of real people and their response to unplanned pregnancy, have been aired to 4.5 million people across Australia, on catch-up television, social media, digital advertising and billboards.
  • Social media is hugely influential and an area of growth for us. In the 2018-19 year to date, hundreds of thousands of people were connected with our life-affirming, culture-changing content on social media. This is from a mixture of organic (unpaid) material and sponsored (paid) content. For example, our article reporting on the Queensland abortion law change had an organic reach of 64,178; 25,500 people clicked on the post, 17,800 people reacted to the post and 1,630 people shared it. Another example was when we shared the story of a Queensland midwife grappling with changes to her job description. It had an organic reach of 26,300, provoking 2,800 reactions and 506 shares.
  • We know of several women who have continued their pregnancies as a result of watching or reading our material.

Will you #haveaheart for women and the unborn?

Thank you for your investment in Australian women, families and pre-born babies. With your help, the future is looking brighter.

Yes, I want to give


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