Two brave and accomplished women have inspired and educated guests through their powerful stories at our Bundaberg and Launceston Glorious Life dinners.

Stacey McBride Wilson

Stacey McBride Wilson abandoned her planned abortion at 19 weeks after viewing an ultrasound of her daughter.

“The doctor turned to me and said, ‘Everything looks fine, are you ready?’.

“Everything looks fine? Everything looks fine? What does that mean?

“I told her I wanted to see the scan. She turned the screen to me and there she was, Katie, 19 weeks, sucking her thumb. And I was about to terminate her.

“I drew on every bit of courage I had, which in that moment didn’t feel like much, and told her I didn’t want to go through with it.

“To say that things were easy from that moment onwards would be telling a lie, but the huge wave of peace in the depths of my being far outweighed the challenges.’’

Stacey and her daughter Katie

Stacey went on to complete Year 12 and obtain two university degrees in education.

Dee Beriya, who has a counselling degree and has spent 15 years advocating for people, including pregnant women, traumatised children, the disabled and the elderly, spoke of the complex trauma and “trajectory of vulnerability” which led to her having an abortion.

She suffered years of emotional and physical abuse at the hands of her father.

She was already a teenage mother when she fell pregnant to “a handsome man who promised me the moon and the stars, but who quickly became very abusive and controlling”.

“He crushed me, broke my heart, and I was afraid of him.’’

Dee confirmed her pregnancy after she had just left her abusive partner.

“How can I care for two children? I don’t have a home, I don’t have an education. I don’t have a job. I need to leave all this mess behind me.’’

Dee shared how she had tried to change the trajectory of her life, but felt unsupported and unworthy.

“Nobody was there to intercept my vulnerability.

“I did not see an Emily’s Voice advertisement.

“I simply booked in and I had an abortion, and it was all just far too easy.

“There was nobody who turned up to present another option. Nobody said, ‘Tell me about the relationship you just left’?’’

‘If you had support to finish your education, would you reconsider whether you really need to have an abortion?

‘We have free counselling, with caring and understanding women. It sounds like you have been through a great deal. Why don’t you take some time to talk it over?’

Dee commended guests for “turning up” through their giving and personal advocacy.

Dee speaking at the Launceston dinner

Guests raised about $45,000 for local Emily’s Voice campaigns through the two dinners at Rowers on the River, Bundaberg, and The Tailrace Centre in Launceston.

Funds raised will be invested in local Emily’s Voice campaigns.

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