Give fathers a voice this Father's Day

This Father’s Day, we invite you to support those who need to be encouraged with inspiring stories of fatherhood  – especially when that fatherhood is unplanned. 

After all…Fathers have stories too. 

Brendan's Story

Brendan became a Dad at a young age. He and his wife Laura navigated many challenges as they balanced work, study and family life. But it was all worth it. Today, their son, Patrick, is turning 21 – and they even had two more children. 

Brendan has a special message for you this Father’s Day. Watch it below. 

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Your donation means that men who need it most will be impacted by Brendan’s story of embracing fatherhood – and seeing his own and his family’s lives changed for the better as a result. 

'It is an absolute honour to
be a father.' - Brendan