I took this phrase to heart on Saturday when I drove from the Sunshine Coast to Brisbane with three children, 12, 7, and 4 to attend the March for Life.
It wasn’t easy. My husband was away for a few days with work, and you can imagine the effort involved in packing, convincing them to wear white and leave their friends playing in the street to march for a cause they found hard to fully understand
“Why are we going Mummy?”  “What’s a march?  Why are we marching?”
I explained why it was so important that we turn up physically and in numbers to this year’s  March for Life.  It’s hard to explain to children why some women feel forced to give up their babies before they are even born, without completely freaking them out, but I did my best. 
As we walked from QUT up to Queen’s Gardens we became aware of groups of people dressed in white, as we were.  The March for Life organised by Cherish Life Queensland had already attracted a few thousand people to the starting point at Queens Gardens. 
A sea of people old and young, of many nationalities, gathered for one cause, to protest against Jackie Trad’s Labor Bill to allow abortion-on-demand in Queensland up to 22 weeks, then to term with the approval of two doctors, for social, physical and psychological reasons.
We walked peacefully, side-by-side chanting, “Pro-life, pro-woman,” all the way to the Queensland Parliament, where the Labor Party was having its conference.  
The passionate protesters stood listening to an impressive line-up of speakers including Senator Amanda Stoker, Dr. Alexandra Menkens, an abortion coercion victim, GP Dr David van Gend and Senator Matthew Canavan.
Cries of “boo” and “shame” rang out as the implications of the bill were outlined by speaker after speaker.
It was strangely comforting to be among so many others who felt the same call that life, however small, is still precious and to be protected. 
Contrary to what some pro-choicers might have you believe, the love for mums and their babies was palpable.
We stood there because we too wanted real choice for women, for all women, including those growing in the womb. 
My children listened, and questioned me with eyes that said, “This is scary mummy”. My seven-year-old innocently asked me, “Why would a mummy want to kill her own baby”, to which I replied, “Often, she doesn’t, and she’s frightened and doesn’t know what to do.” 
Covering my seven-year-old’s ears to the graphic description of a late-term abortion, I couldn’t protect my 12-year-old from being horrified at what he heard. 
It reminded me that this is a life and death issue we’re fighting for, and we must not be disheartened in our pursuit of what is good and right.
Public submissions against the bill can be made to the Queensland Parliamentary Health Committee by post or online via http://bit.ly/2LThR7X until noon on Wednesday, September 5; as well as signing the petition at http://bit.ly/2MakB5N.
 A Rally for Life in Toowoomba is planned for September 26, 11.30am.  Meet at Toowoomba Town Hall.  Wear White.  Signs will be provided.
A vote on the bill is expected on October 16.

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