Transport Minister Andrew Constance says the advertisement, ‘A heart beats at four weeks’ is “political in nature and appeared to contain material which has the potential to be distressing to the public, particularly school students.”

The minister’s comments are conveyed in a letter to Emily’s Voice dated yesterday (July 29, 2019) from Terry McSweeney, principal manager, ministerial correspondence.

The Minister previously described the artwork (above) as “appalling”, ordering the advertising be removed from Newcastle buses.

A week later, oOh! Media removed the same artwork from a billboard on the Pacific Highway at Belmont North in NSW in response to media coverage.

The offending message that an unborn baby has a beating heart at four weeks from conception was approved by oOh! Media and Go Transit, on behalf of Newcastle Buses, before posting.

The same billboard has previously run on oOh! Media sites in Newcastle without incident.

The billboards continue to be displayed in Queensland and Tasmania.

“We need to remind the Minister that, on his watch, truly appalling slogans demeaning women and inciting violence continue to be plastered on Wicked Campers rental vehicles in NSW,” Emily’s Voice CEO Paul O’Rourke said.

“Ads for pregnancy support centres and those advising women not to drink while pregnant are permitted on buses, but a beautiful ad stating a scientific fact is somehow offensive.”

Please sign the petition today!

We believe the decision to ban the advertising in Newcastle is an attack on free speech, women’s health, human rights, pregnancy and motherhood.

If you agree, please sign the petition respectfully asking both the NSW Premier and CEO of oOh! Media to allow us to celebrate life and encourage women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy through our media campaigns.

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Addressing the gap in exposure

A mobile billboard with the same artwork will being circulating in Newcastle/Lake Macquarie and the Central Coast from the end of this week.

However we need to raise an extra $10,000 to cover the cost of this campaign.

Please stand with us by investing in our latest campaign.

Give for life

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