The scientific fact that an unborn baby has a heartbeat at just four weeks after conception has been deemed inappropriate for bus ads in Newcastle and the Central Coast.

This is despite recent ads on the same buses for Newcastle pregnancy support centre, Zoe’s Place, and another telling women not to drink while pregnant.

The ads appeared briefly this week on four buses before being pulled by bus operators after public complaints.

“Apparently it’s impolite to encourage women to continue an unexpected pregnancy by informing them their babies have a tiny heartbeat,” CEO Paul O’Rourke said.

“We are seeking to restart and reshape the life conversation in a sensible, sensitive way free of guilt and condemnation so women make an informed choice.

“We are pro-women and for-children.

“The ads promote containing relevant and timely information for women experiencing an unplanned or crisis pregnancy, including where to get practical, free support.

“Most Australians are unaware there are an estimated 70,000 abortions, 95 per cent of which are performed on healthy women carrying healthy children.

“There are government campaigns to reduce smoking, the road toll, cancer and heart disease. Surely there’s a place to reduce abortion which claims more Aussie lives each year than any other cause?

“Many women make an irreversible decision, often under pressure from others at a time when they are vulnerable. Women like ‘Miss X’ and Jaya Taki, two young women bullied and in the former, paid, to abort babies they wanted.

“Most of our ads feature personal stories of families who continued an unplanned pregnancy and are glad they did. We also feature dozens of real stories of women who had an abortion and regret their choice.”

Watch our Heartbeat ad

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