“Not only does your baby die during an abortion, but your soul dies.”

Mother, wife, abortion survivor and pregnancy support counsellor Karina Lewis laid her heart bare as she shared her story of multiple abortions, the resulting personal destruction and her ultimate healing.

She shared her story on Saturday night with about 90 guests who gathered at the Quality Lighthouse Hotel in Bunbury to raise money for Emily’s Voice in support of the cause of life.

“One of my favourite quotes is, ‘Having an abortion doesn’t make you un-pregnant, it just makes you the mother of a dead baby’,’’ Karina told stunned guests.

Karina told how she was bullied and coerced into having abortions until she was dead inside.

Karina, who has undergone extensive counselling and healing for post abortion trauma, now counsels other women through Pregnancy Matters in Western Australia.

Emily’s Voice CEO Paul O’Rourke told guests that abortion remained Australia’s greatest unattended emergency, affecting 80,000 children and mothers each year.

“We rightly spend hundreds of millions of dollars each year preventing heart disease, cancer, the road toll, suicide and drowning, why not preventing an irreversible decision often made under pressure from others at a time when a woman is already vulnerable?

“Emily’s Voice life campaigns speak to the woman experiencing an unplanned or crisis pregnancy, and those who have most influence over her decision: the father of the child, her doctor, her mother, other family and friends.

“The ads are purposely truthful; sensitive and hopeful.’’

More than $6500 raised on the night will be used in local Emily’s Voice life campaigns in the South-West.

The next campaign featuring Perth mum Nikki, will start in August.

Guests raised funds through donations, the sale of merchandise and the auction of an artwork painted on the night by Rachelle Dusting.

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