The Labor Party has declared war on unborn children, pledging to force public hospitals to provide abortion on-demand, establishing a national phone referral service, and bringing down the cost of abortion drug, RU 486.

In a stunning show of blind hypocrisy, the party committed to closing the gender pay gap, seeing more women in parliament, on boards and in senior leadership positions, wants to end the lives of more little women through arguably the world’s most radical and dangerous abortion laws.

It seems 70,000 annual abortions is just not enough for a political party who wants women of any age to access abortions for any reason, at any time.

However, the Family Planning Association and abortion providers insist the changes won’t increase the number of annual abortions because Labor wants to increase the uptake of contraceptives, ironically including hormonal intrauterine devices (IUD) which can prevent implantation after fertilisation. *

Various studies show at least 60 per cent of women were using at least one forms of contraception at the time of an unintended pregnancy. **

Children don’t vote, but mothers do.

The election policy is a boon for every parent, pimp and partner who wants to help the special girl or woman in their life get rid of a problem child they don’t want with no questions asked.

There are no provisions in the policy announced yesterday by Deputy Leader Tanya Plibersek (pictured above), for women to have free, mandatory counselling, no cooling-off provisions, no requirement for screening for domestic violence or coercion, no promotion of parenting or adoption.

There are no restrictions on choosing abortion for gender selection, because a teen is afraid to tell her parents she is pregnant, or because pregnancy will disrupt work, study or travel plans.

As usual, there is no mention of the rights, dignity and value of unborn Australians. Out of sight, out of mind. Unborn children don’t vote, but their mothers do.

In perverse support of the plan, Marie Stopes, Australia’s largest abortion provider claimed there was an economic benefit to abortion.

Chief executive Jamal Hakim told News Corporation’s Kidspot: studies had shown for every $1 invested into reproductive and sexual health, it returned $11 to the public purse and he supported public hospital funding being tied to medical termination services.

“Definitely there is an economic argument here,” Mr Hakim said.

In response to the policy, The ABC reports Prime Minister Scott Morrison who said the policy was “divisive” and that he would not politicise a “sensitive” issue that was best handled by the States and Territories.

Last week Health Minister Greg Hunt announced a $26 million package to assist the mental health and wellbeing of expectant and new parents, including counselling after the death of an infant. 

The package is a welcomed boost to pregnancy support centres, but practically, no major political parties have shown any real will to restrict abortion for fear of losing the female vote.

Emily’s Voice was founded to change a culture that has accepted 70-80,000 annual abortions for two decades.

Now, more than ever, more Australians need to join a loving Movement for Life.

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  • Dr Megan Best, Fearfully and Wonderfully Made, p 121, Matthias Media, 2012, citing research on the effects of levonorgestrel used in IUDs such as Mirena.

** One study by Marie Stopes showed 60 per cent of women were using at least one form of contraception at the time of an unintended pregnancy

A study by Coombs, Harris et al in 2016 published in Australian Family Physician showed 73.4% of women were using contraception at the time of an unintended pregnancy.

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