What a MASSIVE year it’s been for the Movement for Life in Australia.

Our Movement for Life tribe has increased in numbers by 88% on last year’s figures. But that’s not the only way we measure your zeal for the cause of life. We see it also in your passionate comments and responses to the material we share. We see it in the way you cheer on the brave ones who share their stories of unplanned pregnancy. We see it in your encouragement of the unique way that Emily’s Voice advocates for women, families and the unborn.

High hopes for culture change

It’s exciting to approach the beginning of a new decade, 2020, with such high hopes for culture change.

We think of it like this: You’re on the Movement for Life bus. You’ve signed up, you’re committed, you’re ready to journey together.

And we meet your commitment by partnering with you to progress on this road to culture change in Australia.

It will be a long road, bumpy at times, with mountains and valleys to navigate. There will be punctured tyres and even the odd wrong turn.

But we WILL arrive. We WILL see a time when abortion is unthinkable, uncommon and unnecessary.

Do you believe it?

We do.

But in order to reach that destination, we need fuel.

This is a MOVEment after all. We must keep moving forward. We must maintain momentum. When we stop moving, the unborn and their mums are the ones who will be impacted the most.

Help us fuel the bus!

As we look ahead to 2020, we’re asking you to put fuel in the tank so that the next 12 months will be our most impactful yet. We’re looking to raise $30,000 by Christmas. Will you help us move forward?

We want our voice – your voice – to be heard in more places.
We want to make new and better ads.
We want to work on new ways to raise the conversation with people.
We want to GROW in all that we do.

And for that we need fuel and, like a tank, we have to keep filling up.

Please give generously to keep culture change on a forwards trajectory.

As you decide your gift, consider this…

  • Each year in Australia there are more than 70,000 abortions.
  • In almost all states and territories, women can now obtain an abortion up to full term (with the approval of two doctors). Abortion is easier than ever. And the message to women is that it’s easy to forget too. We know that’s not the case.
  • 70% of those 70,000 women who have an abortion each year will admit that, if one person had offered meaningful help, they would have kept their baby. That’s more than 50,000 Australian women and their families who we CAN impact in the year ahead, simply through encouragement.

Fuel the journey

Thank you for your continued partnership with us.
Click the button below to give towards our Christmas fund to continue driving culture change in Australia.

Give today


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