As the calendar year draws to a close and we approach the half-way mark in the 2018 – 2019 financial year, it’s a great time to review what we have achieved, what spurred you to action and what we hope to build on in 2019.

Here are the top five stories and issues of the last six months that angered, delighted or moved you:

  1. Our coverage of the Queensland abortion bill.
    Sadly, 2018 will go down in history as the year that Queensland not only removed abortion from its criminal code, but also made abortion accessible no questions asked up to 22 weeks, and to term with the sign-off of two doctors. You were motivated to action as we shared different ways you could have your voice heard – via petitions and peaceful marches, for example. And then, you were saddened and angry at the passing of the legislation in October, a decision that ignored your voice, the voice of the unborn and vulnerable women everywhere.
  2. Then there was that time you broke our website…
    Yep. When we stayed up late to report on the above decision and posted an article at 10pm, there was such a stampede to our website that it crashed. Our Facebook reach to that story alone stands at more than 63,600 people. We scurried to get the website up and operational the next day. But what it told us was invaluable: that you care deeply for this cause.
  3. Madeleine Weidemann: “Abortion is the greatest regret of my life”.
    Madeleine shared her painful experience of abortion at the Toowoomba Rally for Life ahead of the Queensland vote. We shared her speech, which detailed why she couldn’t support the Bill. Madeleine features in one of our Not Born Yet ads, and the response confirmed that we are in the right space for culture change. Story is powerful.
  4. The stats.
    They’re dry and mind-numbing at times, but when we share stories that include statistical truths about abortion and its impact, people sit up and take notice. Women who have had an abortion experience an 81 per cent increased risk of mental health problems. Our followers were shocked with this statistic and it propelled them to read the full story which revealed other lesser-known stats that mainstream media fails to cover.
  5. “My duty was to make you have an abortion.”
    This was an attention-grabbing headline (what some might call clickbait!), but we weren’t exaggerating by any means. This is precisely what Melbourne couple Yvette and Mali were told by their obstetrician. The couple shared their story at the Hobart gala dinner, of how their baby was diagnosed with a fatal chromosomal condition in utero (Trisomy 18) but born perfectly healthy after they repeatedly refused termination up to 37 weeks. Not surprisingly, the article and video received loads of views, engagement and shares.

Latest campaigns deliver big results

Last month, we promoted three of our Not Born Yet branded ads on social media, television and billboards:

  1. Nikki’s story of facing motherhood as a young, new migrant was aired in the Darling Downs.
  2. Katrina’s story of surviving abortion was aired in Tasmania.
  3. And Jasmine’s story of falling pregnant when she thought her family was already complete was aired in WA.

We were thrilled with the results. There was a surge of 3300 people visiting the Not Born Yet website, which gives people practical, compassionate and truthful information for when faced with an unplanned or crisis pregnancy. Almost 95% were first-time visitors to the website, again affirming the impact of the campaigns in reaching more people more often with messages of love and hope.

Nikki and Jasmine’s ads were the most popular and 67% of visitors accessed the website using their mobile phones. 73% of viewers were women.

Thank you

When you donate to Emily’s Voice, we are able to run more of these campaigns and reach even more people who need to hear that an unplanned pregnancy can indeed bring unplanned joy: that there is support available and what feels insurmountable at the moment won’t necessarily be the case in a few weeks or months or years. We want women to be empowered to make wholesome choices that impact their lives positively.

And we can’t do that without you. From the bottom of our Emily’s Voice heart for women, babies and families – thank you. You are changing culture and saving lives. We hope you grasp the enormity of your generosity.

Right now we’re asking that you consider donating to our Christmas appeal, raising $30,000 to help make more miracles. In the midst of the bustle of this season – the work parties, tree decorating, biscuit baking, gift giving, family dinners – we hope you have pause to consider the miracle at the heart of the Christmas story. The baby born in humble circumstances, and the greatness that was birthed that day.

Yes, I’d like to give and help MAKE MORE MIRACLES!

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