Christmas is meant to help us celebrate the most miraculous and scandalous unplanned pregnancy in history, and remind us that life is both fragile and phenomenal.

Unfortunately, we live in a society increasingly keen to downplay or ignore the Christmas miracle in favour of a secular season characterised by holidays, plastic trees, tinsel, feasting and a fat bloke in a red and white suit who distributes toys to good children.

The Christmas story is an epic drama of life and death as God intervenes to protect a teenager who becomes pregnant out of wedlock in a poor, obscure village in the Roman empire.

This is about the kid who survives against the odds and goes on to become the most influential figure in history, much to the dismay and delight of his parents who defend, protect and nurture the special child entrusted to them.

We tend to truncate and romanticise the story by focusing on the baby sleeping peacefully in the manger surrounded by well behaved and spotless animals and his awestruck parents, rich wise men bearing expensive presents, and a choir of angels scaring shepherds and serenading the king born in humble circumstances.

We overlook the threat to mother and baby when the heroine and her progeny face death, the angel’s promise, the parents’ perilous journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem, the flight to Egypt, and Herod’s murderous rampage resulting in the deaths of dozens of baby boys.

Emily’s Voice exists to help Australians fall in love again with the unborn.

We are here to help people rediscover the beauty, dignity and value of every human life, and raise advocates who will represent and defend the smallest Australians who lack the opportunity, expertise, right or means to speak for themselves.

We need reminding that the womb is the most unsafe place in the world for an unborn child, with 70-80,000 little Australians denied the opportunity each year to experience Christmas and leave their distinctive mark on the world.

Unborn children are unseen, unheard and unrepresented.

They have no legal rights, no union and no influence. They live or die at the choice of adults.

Joseph had decided to protect his fiancée and her baby from shame and death by divorcing her quietly when he discovered she was pregnant until an angel told him to take her as his wife and raise the child. He could have walked away; no one would have blamed him.

We need many more good men who will stand up for unborn children and their mums instead of either demanding partners discard the children they helped create, or abrogate responsibility by abandoning them in the name of women’s “choice.”

We need more families, friends and strangers of goodwill eager to offer encouragement and practical support to families in crisis.

The families closed ranks around Mary and Joseph in their time of need, relatives provided a birthplace, the wise men provided the means to raise the child as refugees, and the angels and shepherds reminded everyone of the miracle of life.

We believe every child is a miracle, and every life worth protecting and celebrating.

We invite you to join us in making more Aussie miracles by giving to our Christmas appeal so we can promote life with love in 2019 through our hopeful, helpful and effective media campaigns.

In doing so, we believe there will be many more future children who will get to celebrate Christmas with their families.

Have a safe, holy and thankful Christmas.

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