NSW Senator Kristina Keneally is leading a push to see the stillbirth rate in Australia reduced, more support offered to grieving parents, and avenues for thorough investigations, including autopsies, in all states and territories.

We just wanted to weigh in and say, we agree with you Senator Keneally. But we actually think this consideration could stretch much, much further.

The Labor politician, who was also the first female premier of NSW, has drawn on her own tragic experience of stillbirth. In June 1999, Senator Keneally’s daughter Caroline was stillborn. In an interview with Nine News, she shared how, even 20 years later, the grief and the memories are still raw and real.

“The thing that I struggle to come to grips with, is how going into pregnancy, I didn’t understand how often still birth occurs in Australia… We have a thing in Australia that’s causing more deaths than the national road toll, and we’re not doing anything about it.”

There are six stillbirths in Australia every day (2,200 each year). It is certainly admirable to see that people like Senator Keneally are agitating for some significant change in this area. Indeed, our federal government has committed $7.2 million to medical research and education programs to reduce stillbirths.

Let’s not be hypocrites

There is pain and trauma and need for action, yes. But let’s not be hypocrites. Let’s not forget that babies at earlier term are intentionally sent to their death at a much more alarming rate.

There are 190 children who die to abortion every day in Australia. This is based on the conservative estimate of 70,000 abortions each year.

That’s 184 more than die to stillbirth each day.

Yet, because death is chosen for them, we don’t have people like Senator Keneally demanding answers, support, funding and change. And we certainly don’t have a federal government sinking millions of dollars into addressing the issue.

What can we do?

Thankfully, meaningful change always happens at a cultural level. We don’t need laws changed and high profile politicians getting in the ear of the media. We just need you.

We are building a Movement for Life so that Australians, in time, will see the hypocrisy of recognising the life of a stillborn baby while ignoring the reality of abortion available to term in most states. They will see that women who have an abortion need as much love and support in their grieving as women who suffer miscarriage, infant loss or stillbirth. They will know that “embryo” and “fetus” are just words that describe human development in the same way as “toddler” and “adolescent” do. They will recognise that THEY are extremely influential in encouraging people around them to embrace life in all its twists and turns.

They will one day know that abortion is unnecessary and unthinkable.

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