Kirsty never stood a chance and never had a choice. At 15, she was raped and impregnated by her stepfather who then forced her to have an abortion.

“No one asked me what I wanted, or gave me a choice,’’ she told 120 stunned guests at the Emily’s Voice fundraiser on Saturday night at Maroochy Surf Club.

The mother, teacher and counsellor exposed the lie that “abortion fixes things”, describing the procedure as simply adding one trauma on top of another.

Earlier, Emily’s Voice CEO Paul O’Rourke poured out 80,000 ball bearings, each tiny marble representing a life lost each year.

“It took three minutes to represent one year’s abortions. It would have taken half an hour to represent a decade, and it would have taken three of us to hold the bucket of ball bearings which would have weighed about 80kgs.’’

Mum Tracey Chambers shared her journey of raising a child with a profound disability.

She said that she had been stretched and found a strength she never knew she had, and that Jemima had brought a great deal of joy to their family and those with whom she comes in contact.

Guests gave $27,000 on the night to be used in promoting life and love through ongoing Emily’s Voice media campaigns.

A painting by artist and Archibald finalist Jessica LeClerc sold at silent auction for $600, while Sassy Jazz provided the dinner music.

The event was sponsored by Inglewood Farms, ACC TV, Network Communications and Salt 106.5.

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