Pimps, partners, parents and politicians will be able to help the special women in their lives get an abortion, no questions asked, under proposed new NSW laws.

NSW is set to join other States in allowing abortion on-demand to 22 weeks and thereafter to term with the approval of a second doctor.

Abortion on-request means any girl or woman, of an any age, for any reason, can ask for an abortion.

Girls, including those under 16, who need a permission note to go on a school excursion, will be able to access abortion provided they are deemed competent to give consent.

When… and why?

Independent MP Alex Greenwich is set to introduce this week a Private Member’s Bill into parliament, removing abortion from the Crimes Act.

Abortion is already legal in NSW, provided continuing a pregnancy represents a serious risk to a woman’s physical or mental health.

Doctors can already take into account social and financial circumstances, and abortions are routinely available to 20 weeks, and then with some restrictions to 24 weeks.

However, doctors are reluctant to perform abortion beyond 24 weeks except in rare emergencies, such as the mother’s life being at risk or the child having a disability incompatible with life.

Under the proposed new legislation, abortion will be available to term for physical, psychological and social circumstances such as, “My boyfriend/partner/parents want me to have an abortion” and, “I’m scared to tell my mum I’m pregnant”.

What do statistics tell us?

Latest Victorian statistics show 310 late-term abortions in 2016, 40 per cent for psychosocial reasons, and that 33 babies were born alive and later died from prematurity.

In 2016, then Minister for Health, Cameron Dick, told parliament 27 little Queenslanders survived abortions the previous year and eventually died. An ABC News report on this stunning admission showed 204 children survived abortions over the previous decade.

The proposed new laws in NSW have the backing of the Australian Medical Association.

Up to 70 per cent of women are pressured into abortion by their partners according to various studies including Tony Moore’s 2009 Sydney Morning Herald story quoting a senior counsellor from Brisbane’s Pregnancy Counselling Link.

The Times reports that A UK pregnancy counselling service says 75% of women are coerced into abortion.

High profile Sydney victims of abortion coercion include the partners of two rugby league players, Tim Simona and Bryce Cartwright, the latter paying his then girlfriend $50,000 to terminate his son.

If you’re a NSW resident, please write to your local MP and ask them to reject this bill.
Find your local MP’s contact details HERE.

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