There are 4.7 million people who desperately and urgently need to hear our stories, see our billboards and watch our beautiful advertisements.

This year’s EOFY #onebigpush appeal will be used to help launch new campaigns in Cairns, the Central Coast of NSW and South-East Queensland, including Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Will you help us raise $60,000 by June 30 to enable at least 4.7 million more people experience our beautiful, life-giving and life-saving stories?

This will bring our message to a total of almost 10 million people in four states, and help us take one giant step towards an unmissable, unmistakable national footprint.

Each of these new areas attracts significant and consistent numbers of interstate and overseas tourists, extending our reach beyond regional boundaries and even national borders.

Help us double our reach and effectiveness by giving to this special appeal.

Your special gift, combined with the generosity of partners living in these regions, will enable us to introduce many more people to the beauty of Emily’s Voice; to restart and reshape the life discussion in a sensitive, hopeful and effective way.

Every new market has been birthed through the generosity of those who share our vision to have a national presence.

Our friends from The Darling Downs, our birthplace, have been seeding new markets and supplementing local fundraising initiatives since we started.

There are other generous supporters living in cities, towns and states who have never seen a local Emily’s Voice ad, on their billboards, computer screens or social media feeds, but who have invested in the greater cause all the same.

Think of it like this…

Emily has been birthed into Tasmania, The Darling Downs, Perth, Newcastle, Bunbury and Bundaberg. We’d like to continue delivering this baby throughout Australia. We are pregnant with ideas and plans and vision. The labour is that we need the financial support to do this. Will you be a midwife? Will you partner with us to deliver the Emily’s Voice message throughout Australia?

Together we can restart and reshape the life discussion.

Yes! I want to donate.

I want to know more about Emily’s Voice.

I’d love to attend a dinner.

Thank you for your ongoing support.




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