We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to defend and protect women and children from abhorrent new abortion laws by turning out in force to a peaceful Rally for Life on Wednesday, September 26, at Toowoomba’s City Hall.

The organisers have chosen this particular date because the Qld Labor Cabinet, the sponsor of this appalling abortion bill, is meeting in Toowoomba. Four thousand people made their voices heard in Brisbane when they marched two weeks ago.

The noon rally also coincides with the annual Carnival of Flowers when hundreds of thousands of people from across the State will be in the city.

Imagine the impact of thousands of passionate Darling Downs residents of all ages, dressed in white and holding beautiful, encouraging signs, standing as one for life, with love?  

“Loving them both” means defending women and children against an extreme abortion bill that would allow abortion-on-demand to 22 weeks, and then to term with the approval of a second doctor, for social reasons including gender selection.

There are already 10,000-14,000 annual abortions in Qld under existing laws which require that the pregnancy must represent a serious risk to the woman’s physical or mental health.

The proposed laws mean vulnerable women can be coerced, manipulated or tricked into abortion as there are no safeguards such as mandatory counselling, informed consent guidelines, cooling-off periods or ultrasounds showing foetal development. 

Doctors opposed to abortion have to refer to other practitioners with so such objection.

This is our unique opportunity to send a clear message to the Government, particularly those Labor MPs whose vote will determine the outcome of the bill when it goes to vote in October.

The rally will feature speeches from Queensland women affected by existing abortion laws, as well as medical staff affected by proposed changes.

Queensland could become the first Australian State or Territory to stop such a bill.

Over the past two decades in every State and Territory except Qld and NSW, abortion laws have been changed to allow abortion-on-demand to at least 14 weeks and thereafter to 23 weeks and up to term in some jurisdictions with the approval of a second or panel of doctors.

There are already 70-80,000 annual abortions throughout our nation.

Over the past two decades, about 1.6 million children have been denied the opportunity to experience life outside the womb, and about one million mums have had to live with the regret of their irreversible decision often made under pressure from others at a time when they are vulnerable.

The Toowoomba rally is being supported by Emily’s Voice, City Women, Australian Family Association, Abortion Rethink, Australian Christian Lobby and Cherish Life.

Toowoomba rally participants are asked to gather outside City Hall in Ruthven Street from 11.30am.

Signs will be provided.

The rally will end at 1pm, and be followed by a barbecue outside Walton Stores, 476/482 Ruthven Street.

Contact Emily’s Voice at [email protected] if you are willing to distribute posters and flyers at your church, business or school.


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