We’ve noticed some significant shifts in the life issue of late.
People are waking up to the truth, seeing through the lies and saying “NO!” to horrendous abortion law changes.

In the midst of the defeats (like in New York recently) and the relentless push for open slather abortion (like in South Australia right now), you have been contacting us. You’ve been so impacted by the state of affairs and your passion for life has compelled you to act. And you’ve emailed us or sent us a message on social media, asking, “WHAT CAN I DO?”

We hear you!

And we understand – we know what it’s like to be compassionately outraged and to want, so badly, to do something constructive to make the horror go away.

First of all we want to say this: you can absolutely make a difference. Don’t for a moment believe the lie that you – just one person – can’t have any impact on the culture of life in Australia. You’re one person with a circle of people who are influenced by what you do and say, people with their own circles of influence, and on it goes. It takes just one person to start a revolution.

Here is a super practical ‘HOW TO BE A VOICE FOR LIFE’ guide. If you’re really serious about putting action to your convictions, this is a great starting point.

Sign up to the Movement for Life

Emily’s Voice is an organisation formed to change the culture of life in Australia. That’s our mandate. So it follows that everything we do points in that direction: our television ads, our websites, our social media material, our newsletters, our dinners our presence. By signing up to the MFL, we will resource you, educate you and encourage you to be a champion for life where you are.

Sign me up!

Get informed

In order to be a trusted and effective voice, you need to know your stuff. You’d be surprised at how little people know about abortion. You can be a source of information for the people who cross your path. Here are a few links to help equip you in this area:
What is abortion? (the different methods of abortion according to the stage of pregnancy)
Where is your local pregnancy support service?
Research into the effects of abortion
Abortion law in Australia

Share our material

The Emily’s Voice website is chock-full of articles, research, support and real-life stories to help people understand the truth of abortion. Please use its content to help your circle of influence engage with the topic. You’ll find that articles on the blog have different tones and angles. Some are figures-based, making sense of statistics and research. Others are opinion-based, teasing out a misconception or response. There are also experience-based articles, sharing true stories of women and families who have faced unplanned pregnancy, abortion, in-utero disability diagnosis, adoption, rape and so on.

When you choose what to share, consider your friends. What are they most likely to be impacted by? Consider how you share it too. Invite them to not only read, but to share their thoughts. Like this: “I found this story about Australia’s abortion law extremely shocking. Did you know it was so easy to get an abortion to term in our state?”, or “Wow, did you know that there are around 75,000 abortions in Australia every year? This article was super illuminating for me, I had no idea the numbers were so high. I’d love to hear your thoughts”, or “I absolutely bawled when I read this article detailing Yvette’s struggle to keep her baby, who was diagnosed with Trisomy 18 in-utero. I don’t think women should be pressured to have an abortion throughout their pregnancy like this. What do you think?”.

You might also consider sharing via a private message to a smaller group of people. The members of the group are usually more likely to engage.

What’s the difference between material on the Emily’s Voice and Notbornyet websites?

Great question. You will find that all material on the Emily’s Voice website is angled towards people who are already sympathetic to the cause of life. Much of the content is designed to encourage and activate people to respond in a loving way.

The Notbornyet website is for men, women, families and professionals encountering an unplanned pregnancy in some way. It contains information, research, support services and real life stories to help women make a decision they will not regret for the rest of their lives. All content is communicated in a truthful yet loving voice, taking into consideration all the varied circumstances that lead a woman to this situation.

Gather together

You’re passionate about this. You know a few others who are passionate too. Why not meet for coffee once a fortnight so that you can do all of the above (and more!) as a duo or team. That saying, “there’s power in numbers” is so true. You’ll be able to talk through areas that challenge or confuse you, think up ways to put the life message front and centre in more places, and also to carry the burden together. Passion for something like this can often feel like a burden, weighing on your heart, so it’s a really positive step to journey with a friend or group of like-minded people.

If you do form a group, please let us know. We would love to help in whatever way we can.


If you’re the praying type, then please pray. Pray alone or gather together as a group. Pray for opportunities to speak up, for visibility, for other people like you who are speaking out boldly, for women who are presently facing unplanned pregnancy and for the right words to speak if you ever encounter someone in this situation. And we welcome prayer for the work of Emily’s Voice too!

If you’d like to join our prayer email list, please shoot us an email: info@emilysvoice.com

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