The Queensland Premier was at a barbecue up the road but her ears would have been burning as more than 600 of her passionate subjects gathered on Wednesday at Toowoomba’s City Hall to send a message about her abortion-to-birth Bill.

Ironically, or perhaps comically, Premier Palaszczuk had earlier attended a meeting to promote women on boards, while many other women of all ages were pointing out her new laws discriminated against little women in the womb who can be aborted simply because of their gender.

The Premier and her Cabinet tried all week to avoid the protesters by entering and exiting the council precinct through back doors and ensuring they were off-site when the protesters gathered.

She was still taking the time to smell the flowers, shake hands and kiss babies when representatives from the rally delivered a personal letter condemning her proposed new abortion laws.

The letter read in part: “We are a family-friendly city and we believe that the youngest members of the human family should be included in the protection of law. We are a refugee-friendly city and we believe that the little asylum seekers in the womb who need safe passage into our world should be welcomed and not turned back.”

The Premier may have heard the chant, “Shame Labor Shame” as speaker after speaker skewered an appalling Bill allowing abortion-on-demand to 22 weeks, and thereafter to term with the approval of a second doctor who doesn’t even have to examine the patient.

“The Labor Party loves abortion more than they love women and children,” said Stacey McBride Wilson, who jumped off the Brisbane abortionist’s table at 19 weeks when she saw an ultrasound image of her daughter  (pictured below) sucking her thumb.

“If the Labor Party really loved women and wanted to empower them, they would protect them from abortion coercion by providing safeguards and regulations to ensure women make an informed choice.

The abortion industry, aided and abetted by the Labor Party, preys on fear and guilt and shame.”

Toowoomba GP Dr Jovina James said the new laws requiring doctors who conscientiously object to refer women to other doctors was aimed at demeaning and disrespecting the dissenters.

“Do they even know what conscientious objection means? It is not a distaste for abortion. It’s a deep, unshakeable conviction that this act is contrary to the human good. That this is not healthcare, and this is not what I vowed when I promised to ‘do no harm’.”

Another speaker, Madeleine Wiedemann, said getting her abortion in Queensland was easier than getting her wisdom teeth removed.

“But getting your wisdom teeth removed is not the same as abortion. Abortion ends one life and changes one forever.”

We can only hope the Premier may have found such gut-wrenching testimonies hard-to-swallow, indigestion-inducing and leaving a bitter aftertaste.

The Bill goes to a vote in October.








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