In a blatant conflict-of-interest and a cynical bid to somehow claim the “moral high ground”, Marie Stopes wants you to make a tax deductible donation so more women can have an abortion at one of its clinics.

Kate Aubusson’s “exclusive” story in the Sydney Morning Herald, says Marie Stopes wants to raise $3 million from “brave philanthropists” to help women struggling to afford contraception and abortion.

Australia’s abortion giant has even set itself up as a tax deductible charity to further the cause of abortion for every woman. Now you can sponsor an abortion in Australia and overseas.

Marie is muscling-in on the lucrative charity sector, competing with World Vision, Cerebral Palsy Alliance and Kids with Cancer for a share of your benevolent giving. However your donation to Marie Stopes doesn’t feed, clothe, educate or provide medical care for children; it ends their lives. It also doesn’t provide emergency accommodation for women fleeing domestic violence, rent assistance for financially-strapped women, or childcare so mums can work or finish school.

Decide to keep your baby and Marie has nothing for you. No money, no advice, pregnancy or parenting support. There is no information on the website about motherhood, adoption, post-abortion grief, no mention of babies or families.

Your donation will help with the cost of the abortion, transport and accommodation. Apparently, 75,000-80,000 abortions a year may not be enough for an entrepreneurial organisation that insists abortion is a safe, quick, easy, risk-free procedure. Marie reminds prospects they don’t require a referral from their GP, and can even organise a chemical abortion over-the-phone. They will even throw in free STI testing for women having an abortion.

How long before they offer day spa treatments as an added benefit to ease the trauma of terminating the life of a child? The clinic could become a salon. Perhaps women who have abortions can go into the draw for a car or a cruise? Discounts for repeat customers? Field trips for donors?

The Marie Stopes website is full of reassuring stories and selective research from compassionate, qualified professionals who simply want the best for women, provided that includes abortion. Yes, there is “free counselling”, but Marie only gets paid if clients terminate.

Marie’s primary service to Australian women is to “remove the contents of the uterus” as quickly, efficiently and painlessly as possible. Marie is committed to ensuring women have “children by choice”, not by “chance”. Never mind that chance is normally associated with a positive outcome, like the chance of winning the lottery.

Cash for kids

Like all good businesses, Marie Stopes wants to cash-in on an opportunity to grow the market to provide abortions for women who can’t access the public hospital system or afford the average $500 cost of a termination at its clinics. Women who, given too much time to think, may change their mind and be “stuck” with children they never wanted. Except Marie can’t produce these women because mothers who wished they had had an abortion are rare, if they exist at all. Surprise pregnancies produce surprising joy.

What isn’t rare are the women bullied and deceived into abortion and who profoundly regret their choice. Women for whom reality didn’t match the rhetoric. Women like Miss X, ultimately paid $50,000 by a famous footballer who didn’t want to be a dad, or the dozens of women whose stories appear on the Emily’s Voice website or in Melinda Tankard Reist’s book, Giving Sorrow Words.

Sure, Marie has plenty of stories on the women so pleased they had an abortion, but can’t seem to find the women who regret a decision often made quickly, under pressure from others, when they were vulnerable.

Marie Stopes chief executive Michelle Thompson proudly says they want to help out “women in abusive relationships, a young woman with an unplanned pregnancy who wants to go on to complete her studies, or a mother who struggles to support her family.” Marie Stopes want to remove all barriers, stigma and objections, and will leave no stone unturned to ensure these women get access to abortions, including poorly educated, or women from low income backgrounds. Marie cares for young women, migrants, older women, working women, single mums, students and teenagers.

Marie Stopes doesn’t want to turn anyone away, and is asking for your help to boost its bottom line and achieve its abortion budget, all in the name of empowerment, choice, reproductive rights, and big profits.

The organisation is working tirelessly to remove all remaining safeguards so all women can get an abortion on-demand.

Marie is a vulnerable woman’s best friend, and an unborn baby’s biggest threat.

Meanwhile, independent pregnancy support centres struggle to get funding to provide a balanced, free, judgment-free service, and provide support for women regardless of the choice their clients ultimately make. The services extend to pregnancy testing, counselling, mentoring, parenting training and provision of baby goods.

We need more brave philanthropists investing in these organisations promoting life, love, informed and various choices, instead of death, misery and regret.

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