Our national cognitive dissonance about unborn children reached crazy new levels last week when Federal Labor frontbencher Chris Bowen said it was unjust his mum was denied a bereavement payment after his older brother was stillborn.

The Liberal-led NSW Lower House was voting to allow abortion on-demand to 22 weeks and thereafter to term with a second doctor’s approval for social reasons while Mr Bowen was speaking in Brisbane about his mum’s grief after a stillbirth at 20 weeks gestation.

Irony and hypocrisy in views about life

Anyone else see the irony and hypocrisy of our warped views about life?

The media and most Australians have been unable or unwilling to join the dots.

Many politicians and those in the gallery cheered when the abortion-to-birth vote passed in Sydney, while the Brisbane forum delegates were deeply moved by Mr Bowen’s impassioned speech.

“If your baby is born without a heartbeat, you don’t get the payment,” he told last week’s inaugural National Stillbirth Forum.

“No amount of money deals with grief. But the social security system should recognise all bereavements.”

All bereavements?

Payments for baby bereavements?

His comments would suggest women undergoing late-term abortions (post 20 weeks) should also receive the payment, unless they have chosen not to grieve because the child was unwanted.

Under the existing guidelines, mothers of premature infants who die after birth, and those who draw breath after an abortion post 20 weeks can receive the payments.

Mr Bowen and his Labor counterpart Kristina Keneally, whose daughter Caroline was stillborn 20 years ago, went to the last election with a policy to force all public hospitals to perform abortion on-demand to 24 weeks and thereafter to term with the approval of a second doctor.

Both want more money spent on finding the causes of stillbirth, but also want women to be able to kill their unborn children if they so choose.

The forum heard 2,200 babies are stillborn each year, compared with 70,000 annual abortions including hundreds of late-term abortions.

Are women who suffer miscarriage or choose abortion pre 20 weeks allowed to mourn?

Society generally accepts those who miscarry will grieve while those who abort should not.

Most States and Territories already provide memorial certificates honouring children under 20 weeks gestation who die as a result of miscarriage.

These precious little ones can be given funerals and remembered with memorial books and special mementos while aborted babies are discarded as medical waste.

Brisbane forum Delegates were told the Federal Government has backed all 16 recommendations from a recent Senate inquiry into Australia’s stubborn stillbirth problem, including extra funding and developing a national action plan to drive down deaths.

There is no such national action plan to reduce abortions, a protected, legalised, sanitised and widely promoted, justified, celebrated and accepted practice affecting one-in-four Australian women.

It’s long overdue to face up to our national shame and begin speaking up for the most vulnerable of children, the unseen, unheard and largely unrepresented babies in the womb.

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