Queenslanders are already contributing 14,000 of the 70-80,000 annual abortions in Australia under existing laws that may change for the worse next week, guests were told at an Emily’s Voice fundraiser on the Sunshine Coast.

Stacey McBride Wilson told about 120 guests at the Maroochy Surf Club function on Saturday night that she almost aborted her daughter, Katie, at 19 weeks, at a Brisbane clinic after intense pressure from her partner. The Sunshine Coast mum changed her mind just before the procedure was about to start after viewing an ultrasound of her baby who was sucking her thumb.

Stacey’s partner ordered her to go back and finish the job. She refused.

Emily’s Voice CEO Paul O’Rourke said: “The latest bill, the third in less than three years, (allowing abortion on demand to 22 weeks and then to term with a second doctor’s approval, for social reasons including gender selection) frighteningly could pass next week, despite one of the biggest, best-organised and most effective campaigns in the State’s history.

“That’s why we believe one of the most effective ways of reducing abortion is to change the culture by supporting women and families experiencing an unplanned or crisis pregnancy through relentless, truthful, hopeful and effective national media campaigns.

“Our media campaigns speak to those who will most influence a child’s outcome as a result of an unplanned or crisis pregnancy: The woman, the father of the child, her mum, GP, friends and family.

“Smoking remains legal, but has become unpopular and comparatively uncommon because of concerted media campaigns showing the dangers.”

Guests raised over $30,000 on the night to be used in Queensland life campaigns, including the latest featuring Bundaberg mum and businesswoman, Katrina Urry who attended the gala dinner.

Special thanks to event sponsors: Inglewood Farms organic chicken, ACCTV, Network Communications, Andrew Reeson leather designs, To Hold and To Have Jewellers, Angie Roberts-Selig who donated a basket of beauty products, Independent Qld Senate candidate, Tony Moore, artist Janine O’Rourke and Kingdom House Tanawha.

If you would like to donate to our life campaign please click HERE.

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