Late last year, Tasmania’s last abortion clinic closed in Hobart due to decreased demand for surgical abortions. Ever since, pro-choice advocates have lobbied government at state and federal levels to fund a new clinic and for abortions to be offered in public hospitals, funded by taxpayers. The latest is a petition demanding the state government fund a new abortion clinic.

We need you to click THIS LINK and sign a counter petition to Tasmania’s Health Minister Michael Ferguson, indicating your support that Tasmania remains free of abortion clinics. At the time of publishing this post, 451 people had signed the petition, but we know there are many, many more Tasmanians who uphold the inherent value of life: for the mother and her unborn child.

As petition creator Christin Phillips points out, if any funding is needed, it’s for pregnancy support services.

“The money spent on an abortion clinic could be better spent on other un-funded options for women faced with unplanned pregnancy- like intensive pregnancy and parenting support services,” she says.

“There is also a need for specialised counselling support for women struggling with the news of foetal abnormalities, or those being pressured to abort by a partner, as well as those struggling with a pregnancy and/or to parent with an ABI (acquired brain injury) or learning difficulty.

“Where is the “clinic” to support these women?”

Here are some things to consider:

  • The Hobart clinic closed because it was no longer viable. There weren’t enough clients.
  • The abortion pill (also known as RU486) is widely available over the phone via the Tabbot Foundation for pregnancies up to nine weeks gestation.
  • Funding for surgical abortion is already freely available from many women’s and youth services in Tasmania.

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