A mum and doctor took aim at the medical profession and Australia’s largest abortion provider as Emily’s Voice announced a new CEO at the organisation’s annual Glorious Life dinner on Saturday night at Rumours International, Toowoomba.

Board chairwoman Katrina Hobbs welcomed former police detective and anti human trafficking advocate Leighton Joyce as the new CEO. Mr Joyce will start September 9, replacing founding CEO Paul O’Rourke.


Toowoomba mother and GP Dr Jovina James gave the audience a history of medical eugenics, including profiling Dr Marie Stopes, the founder and “patron saint” of Australia’s abortion industry who advocated abortion as a means of purifying the human race from those who were imperfect, including those with disabilities but extending to the “ugly and unfit”.

“She (Dr Marie) disinherited her own son when he married a woman who wore glasses,’’ Dr James said.


The incoming CEO told how he and his wife were advised to abort one of their children after scans showed an abnormality. They refused, and their daughter was born with no health problems.

Founding CEO Paul O’Rourke interviewed on stage Ian and Jan Letchford, from the Darling Downs, who told how their abortion 44 years ago continued to be a source of intense pain and regret.

“We had no money, no house of our own, we were living with my mum and dad, and while expecting Tracy I had been sick morning, noon and night. I felt so ill and drained, I couldn’t work out how I could look after Tracy properly whilst in that condition,’’ Jan Letchford said.

“So when Ian’s vasectomy failed we went into panic mode. My dad was ill and blind, my mum his carer.’’

Ian said the day of the abortion was a blur that he and Jan had buried deeply, but gradually the grief and regret began to surface at the birth of friends’ babies, when abortion is mentioned in the news or even when the work of Emily’s Voice was discussed in church.

His advice to others facing an unplanned pregnancy was to choose life, knowing that the crisis and surrounding circumstances eventually pass.

More than 430 people attended the Toowoomba dinner, raising $95,000 for Emily’s Voice life and love campaigns.

Almost $60,000 was given by event sponsors, Country Heritage Feeds, Inglewood Farms, Condamine Electrical, Gabbinbar Homestead, A Country Garden Childcare Centre, Big Tyre, Exertus Opus, Karana Organics, Black Canvas, Greenridge Press, PMA Insurance, RSM Bird, Queensland Electrical Solutions, Vanderfield, Integrity Ag and Scientific.

You can still give to the dinner to help us reach our goal of $120,000 for use in media campaigns.

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