Ah, Tasmania. That beautiful isle where it’s mandatory to defend every living thing except a child nestled safely inside its mother’s womb.

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A Hobart pub has taken offence at our beautiful heart billboard perched above the eatery and declaring that an unborn baby has a beating heart at four weeks from conception – A scientific fact that humanises unborn children and challenges Australians to rethink the life issue.

The Republic Bar and Cafe owner has put up a sign assuring patrons it is “pro-choice” and “does not control women’s bodies”.

Would they feel better about a billboard promoting beer, coal mining, a brothel, strip club, casino, abortion provider, political party, church?

Would the owner feel the same need to tell patrons, “We’re for renewables”, “coal sucks”, “vote Greens”, “Bob Brown for Pope” “sex work is real work”, “gamble responsibly”, “my body, my choice”, “beer is our religion”?

Do they presume to speak on behalf of their patrons who would hold diverse views on prostitution, gambling, religion and abortion?

It seems we love pregnancy choices, so long as we only talk about one.

To infer that abortion may be bad for women, let alone the babies in the womb (half whom are little women), is bad for business and a potential betrayal of the mantra that abortion is a women’s choice and never taken lightly.

And to infer that women may have been pressured, coerced or deceived into abortion by a partner, parent, pimp, friend or doctor doesn’t normalise, celebrate and promote abortion or “empower” women.

The pub decided Tasmanians don’t need to be encouraged to think about the consequences of abortion. That they don’t want to be given information that may help women make an informed choice or referred to free, practical, non-directive services in times of need.

Information, choice and free speech have been traded for political correctness, or is that fiscal responsibility?

The artwork featured on the Hobart billboard

What’s the billboard for?

The billboard is a promotion of the beauty, dignity and value of life, motherhood and family, and is not condemning or judgmental of women who may have chosen abortion.

Like the venue, we don’t want to “control women’s bodies”, and believe in choice; informed choice.

However, unlike the venue, we can’t ignore the tragic reality of abortion or fail to highlight those who profit and suffer as a result of a practice that’s repeated 70,000 times a year.

Emily’s Voice exists because many women are pressured, deceived and coerced into choosing abortion.

Recent high-profile examples include former Sydney journalist “Miss X” and Jaya Taki, the partners of National Rugby League players who were pressured, and in the case of Miss X, paid $50,000 to abort a child she desperately wanted.

Our website is filled with stories of abortion regret, coercion and violence.

Journalist, author and women’s advocate Melinda Tankard Reist has written two books about the pain of coerced abortion, including by the medical profession when there is a real or suspected chance of disability, in Giving Sorrow Words and Defiant Birth.

Of the estimated 70,000 annual abortions, 95% are performed on healthy women carrying healthy children.

Abortion is the leading cause of death in Australia

Abortion is claiming more lives annually than heart disease, cancer, the road toll, suicide, stroke, drowning and homicide.

That’s a national tragedy that needs highlighting and addressing in a sensible, truthful and sensitive manner through beautiful, hopeful media campaigns and reasoned discussion.

Abortion on-demand (any woman, any age, any reason) is not empowering of women who may be pressured by a partner, parent or pimp, or simply too scared to tell their mums they are pregnant.

Women do not choose abortion in a vacuum. They are influenced by partners, parents, friends, doctors and the abortion industry only too willing to reassure women abortion is “safe, legal and rare”.

The notbornyet.com campaign website is encouraging, hopeful and practical, and does not condemn, judge or criticise women who may have chosen abortion.

Part of our advocacy is spent on grants to pregnancy support centres offering free, non-directive counselling to women experiencing an unplanned or crisis pregnancy, including in Tasmania.

We are fiercely and proudly pro-women, and for-children.

We invite you to join a loving, compelling and effective Movement for Life.

Make up your own mind, watch the TV ad

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