When we asked you, our Movement for Life community, what you would like to tell NSW politicians ahead of the vote on the abortion bill, you responded with boldness, clarity, wisdom and respect.

We were so buoyed, because this collective response, this united voice and heart to stand for the defenceless and the vulnerable – this is what Emily’s Voice is all about. We love seeing you emboldened and empowered to change the culture of life where you are, using what you have. That’s when real change happens.

Here are some of the succinct responses you articulated on Facebook and Instagram, using the #nswpol hashtag so your voice was heard more widely. Thank you for speaking up! These were just a few of the huge number of responses we had to that question:

What would you like to tell NSW politicians?

… on Facebook

If we are in a society that is the most supportive and inclusive of everyone than ever before, why are we not providing more support for women who might keep their babies if they were given assistance or told about adoption?
– Taya Jacob.

The only difference between a fetus, a new born baby, an adult and the elderly is TIME.
– Keely Potter.

Do we start caring for a baby only at birth, and is all the medical attention during pregnancy only for the benefit of the mother? No! All efforts are for the wellbeing of both mother and baby before and after birth. Many babies are born many weeks premature, and even more love and attention is given to their care. So I ask you, is the baby less human before birth than after?
– James Kruithof.

I work in medical research. There is not a single scientific argument for why that child in not a unique human life and thus entitled to human rights.
– Kurtis Budden.

Abortion violates life! Wouldn’t it be better for politicians to discuss how we can better support women so that they can have their babies or adopt them out. Be a voice for the voiceless.
– Jodie Rossler.

The measure of a society is by how it treats its most vulnerable members. All humans have the right to live the natural course of their lives, womb to tomb, and all humans have a duty to protect that right. We all have a will to live, and infinite potential to rise above any circumstances. We build society based on the choice to serve others before ourselves, for true love is always self-sacrificial.
– Natasha Maree.

So many couples are wanting babies and can’t have them. Let’s look to supporting adoption instead of abortion. Especially in the case of late term abortions!
– Janine Turner.

Life begins at conception. Each unborn child has its own DNA. Every unborn child has the basic human right to life. ‘It is a poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish’. ‘Any country that accepts abortion is not teaching its people to love but to use violence to get what they want. That is why the greatest destroyer of love & peace is abortion’ Mother Theresa.
– Bronwyn Hall.

I continue to prove multiple doctors and specialists wrong that said I would never have a normal life.
– Sammie Johnston.

Forget your own agendas. Listen to the voice of the people. We look for compassion and honesty.
– Jan Morris.

Put more and better support systems out there for pregnant mums and babies instead of offering the mums abortion. It’s a cruel thing for a mum to do when she is made to believe she has no other options.
– Elmarie Richards.

Please don’t let us become a throw away culture. A baby is not a piece of rubbish. It deserves to live. If not with its own mother, with someone who does have a loving home to give it. People need to take responsibility for their choices. Babies do not ask to be conceived, they do not deserve a brutal, violent and painful death. They deserve to be cared for. They are human beings!
– Lisa Glennie.

Go and witness first hand what you advocate should happen to a human being in the womb.
– Jo Cicchini.

Aren’t they lucky that they were born?
– Cathy Moran.

… on Instagram

1. Lets provide women with way more options support and information – and way less judgement than the fast efficient removal of a ‘problem’.
2. This requires church and community attitudes to change .. more mercy and less judgment .. services and ministries that support women to make choices other than abortion
3. Remove the double standard .. if you want a child .. it’s a baby :: if you don’t – it’s a bunch of cells and no right at all. Crazy double standards gone to an extreme. No religion needed to see this as insane.
– @crouchydon

Each baby brings its own love into the world.
– @marymyfanwy

There are OTHER choices preferable to ending someone’s life at its very start. Unborn babies, no matter what their circumstances, are humans with potential, NOT potential humans.
– @heart.faith.keto

PLEASE vote NO. Help people make informed choices that value every life. We are treating animals better than these unborn little ones. Give a voice to those who don’t yet have one.
– @pupnbear

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
– @janinevanderven

We can do better for women and babies than abortion!
– @nethaniahhomeschool

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