We have been humbled and heartened by a lovely comment from Amie Rohan in response to our story and video celebrating the short but exquisitely beautiful life of Willow Rohan.

Amie and husband, Sydney Swans’ AFL player Gary Rohan, made headlines when they decided to continue the pregnancy of their twins, one of whom, Willow, was diagnosed at 11 weeks gestation with a fatal neural tube defect.

Gary welcomed his girls with an Instagram post which read, in part:

“Amie, Bella and I soaked up every second we had with Willow, making as many lasting memories as we could all together. Its those little moments we know we will never get back, and we will forever cherish the time we spent as our little family of four, before our darling Willow grew her little angel wings.’’

Amie Rohan, along with thousands of others, saw our blog and video celebrating the twins and expressing our admiration and love for the courageous parents.

Amie said of our tribute:

Our blog on the Rohans’ joy and sorrow is a perfect example of being true to our mandate to help Australians fall in love with the unborn, and support and encourage women experiencing an unplanned or crisis pregnancy.

It’s easy to fall in love with the unborn when we give every glorious life dignity and value, regardless of the circumstances-of-conception, gender, disability or culture.

The value of a life is not determined by its length.

It’s easy to support and encourage women experiencing an unplanned or crisis pregnancy when we recognise and then promote and protect the deep bond between a mother and child.

In the past few weeks some friends have mourned the passing of their much-loved child as a result of miscarriage.

Less than a week ago I met another Emily’s Voice supporter who shared how he was left devastated when decades earlier, as a teen, his then girlfriend aborted his child. He said he only learned of the pregnancy after it had been ended, and the loss has had a profound impact on his life.

These personal stories make a mockery of consistent attempts to deny that abortion causes mental health issues in women, and men.

It is illogical, hypocritical and deceptive to validate the feelings of women who grieve as a result of miscarriage or stillbirth, yet deny the same or more intense pain associated with abortion.

Recently, women’s health and lifestyle site Mamamia removed a story about post-abortion syndrome because, ultimately, the story was at odds with the organisation’s pro-abortion stance.

They couldn’t be seen to be promoting an alternate view when its reputation is built on the lie that abortion is a necessary and preferable choice with no physical or psychological consequences for the mother.

However, Mamamia consistently runs stories about women who had an abortion, believing it was the best thing for them, and caused no ill effects.

The fact that many women are coerced into abortion, and suffer profound and lasting consequences does not fit the cultural rhetoric of supposedly empowered women exercising reproductive freedom.

The #metoo hashtag doesn’t yet extend to women forced to get an abortion by a partner, parent or producer.

As I commented on social media, denying the pain, loss and trauma of abortion is to call the women, who dare to acknowledge such grief, liars.

We asked pregnancy counsellor Debbie Garratt to respond to the Mamamia story. She is well qualified to represent the “other” women who are not in denial.

Our website consistently cites research and personal stories of women, and men, from whom reality was very different to the promise of abortion providers that it is just another medical procedure.

We will continue to defend life and protect women from harm until abortion becomes unnecessary, unreasonable and unwanted.

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