Jackie Trad’s abortion crusade worries Queensland women suspicious of the Deputy Premier’s crass zeal for a bill with no safeguards for the most vulnerable.

In a misguided attempt to empower and embolden women through decriminalisation, Ms Trad’s proposed bill abandons those vulnerable to abortion coercion or unsure of their choice by refusing mandatory counselling, informed consent, cooling-off periods, information about potential physical and psychological risks and details of foetal development.

Her bill is big on rhetoric, rights, choice and freedom, but ignores or downplays risks, regrets and responsibilities to women, and the smallest Queenslanders. She talks about abortion like every woman needs one. And women are not buying it. They are no longer sure Ms Trad is their friend.

Latest polls show the majority of Queenslanders, particularly women, are opposed to the proposed bill advocating for abortion-on-demand to 22 weeks, and to term, with the approval of a second doctor.

One-in-four Queenslanders know someone who has been pressured to have an abortion, and most women are opposed to abortions for minor disability, career, family size, gender and financial reasons, as well as those past 20 weeks.

Everyone knows abortion almost always stops the beating heart of a tiny human under construction, but the Deputy Premier can’t bring herself to talk about the rights, value, dignity or humanity of unborn Queenslanders, half of whom are little women.

It’s troubling that a mother of two can appear to be so dismissive of children in the womb.

We know she has cared deeply about this issue since her teens, but we don’t know why?

What’s the story we are not being told?

Women wonder why Ms Trad is the only Government MP whoever seems to be talking publicly about the wonders of abortion.

Women may not want women who have abortions to be treated as criminals, but equally, they don’t want women to make a rushed, uninformed choice, without support or being offered alternatives.

They are seeing through the rhetoric that abortion is akin to having tonsils removed, a slightly risky but otherwise therapeutic procedure with no long-term consequences. They can’t and won’t ignore the stories of post-abortion grief including high profile stories such as “Miss X”, paid $50,000 by her footballer partner to get rid of his unwanted son in a Queensland clinic at four months.

They are unconvinced doctors will be able to adequately counsel women being pressured into abortion by indifferent or abusive partners, embarrassed or angry parents, pimps and other adults preying on underage girls.

Women are suspicious of a bill that favours abortion providers and perpetrators against women, rather than protecting and defending potential victims like Queenslanders, Stacey and Katrina.

The suspicion extends to the architect of the bill, a woman whose motives are unclear and who is dangerously reckless, flippant and outspoken in her support of a procedure that deeply troubles most Australians.

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