The latest poll shows Queensland women are strongly opposed to proposed new abortion laws, and the politicians pushing them.

The YouGov Galaxy poll of 1000 people shows voters believe women considering abortion should receive independent counselling, undergo a cooling-off period between counselling and the procedure, be made aware of the development of the baby, and be informed of the potential physical and psychological risks associated with abortion.

The August poll was commissioned by Cherish Life Queensland and the Australian Family Association.

A total of 39% of voters, and 43% of women said they were “less likely” to vote for MPs supporting the proposed new laws allowing abortion-on-demand to 22 weeks and thereafter to term with the endorsement of a second doctor who is not required to meet the patient.

One-in-four people personally know someone who was pressured into having an abortion.

An Emily’s Voice-Commissioned poll in 2016 shows 60%-90% of Queenslanders are opposed to abortions where the unborn baby is suspected of having a “mild disability”, for career, financial, family size and gender reasons.


To the question, “Would you say you are generally in favour or opposed to abortion?” 51% of Sunshine Coast respondents said yes, and only 46% of Bundaberg respondents.

The results in Queensland are consistent with similar polls for Emily’s Voice conducted in Victoria, Western Australia, Tasmania and the Hunter Valley of NSW.

A bill to decriminalise abortion is expected to be introduced to parliament this month.

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*The YouGov Galaxy poll for Emily’s Voice in Queensland involved 400 respondents, aged 16-49, living in the Sunshine Coast and Bundaberg Local Government Areas.

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