Young Mum?


You’re here because you’re soon going to become a Mum at a young age. Congratulations on your pregnancy! There’s many exciting years ahead. 

You might have thought that having a baby was years away. Maybe you hadn’t ever thought about having kids at all. 

Then surprise – a positive pregnancy test!

Why share your story? 

Emily’s Voice exists to share stories like yours in an exceptional video format which pays tribute to the unique journey that belongs to each person. 

Promoted across our social media, our stories impact the people who need them the most. 

Making a difference 

Having a baby at a young age isn’t an unusual experience, but it can be challenging. Encountering the journey of someone else on the same path can make a difference for a lifetime. 

Your completed video will not only achieve this but serve as a lasting testament to this unique time in your life. 

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