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In Her Shoes

A busy GP and mum, Jovi’s world was turned upside down when her fourth child received a prenatal diagnosis. Jovi’s story >>

19 years old, failing uni and kicked out of home, Nadine was stunned to find she was pregnant. Nadine’s story >> 

Jan reflects on the choice she and her husband made as young parents faced with their second unplanned pregnancy. Jan’s story >> 

Excited to welcome a second child, business owner Veronica and her husband learned that their baby had a diagnosis of Down Syndrome. Veronica’s story >>

Why In Her Shoes?

By embracing stories, we come to understand the unique journey that each person takes, empowering and supporting them along the way.

Our videos feature true stories of everyday Australians who have walked the path of an unplanned or surprise pregnancy. By giving a platform to their unique voices, we spread love, courage and hope.