Share Your Story: FAQ's

Why should I share my story with Emily's Voice? 


When it comes to unplanned or challenging pregnancy, we know that hearing the stories of others transmits love, courage and hope – empowering those involved to make positive choices for themselves and their child. 

Your voice will be that key difference which changes someone’s future forever. 

What's different about an Emily's Voice video?

Emily’s Voice videos take viewers into the shoes of those walking the path of unplanned or challenging pregnancy. 

Our media team are experts in their fields and will work together to create a curated piece that showcases the very best of your story – creating a lasting treasure not just for you but for anyone who encounters it. 

What costs are involved?

The costs associated with filming, post production and distribution of your story are covered by generous donors to Emily’s Voice. 

if you feel called to contribute to this process, then you can do so via our Donate page. 

Do I have final cut approval?

Yes. You will receive a private viewing link with the final cut of your story so you can give your final approval before it is released.

I'm not sure if my story is right for Emily's Voice.

Every experience matters!

If you’ve walked through an unplanned or challenging pregnancy, then we want to hear your story.

The best thing to do is contact us so we can line up a time to chat through your thoughts. 

I lost my baby. Can I tell my story?

Yes, absolutely.

Your story is valued and your child’s life matters no matter how brief or the circumstances surrounding it. These circumstances may include miscarriage, termination, stillbirth or infant loss. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to chat through any concerns.  

We understand that loss through termination can be particularly sensitive. You may like to view Jan’s story for a video on this topic. 

I have shared my story before with another organisation. Is an Emily's Voice video still possible?

Depending on the agreement you entered into with the organisation or media outlet, it is likely that you will be able to share your story with Emily’s Voice as well.

We encourage you to mention this in your application so the Emily’s Voice team can chat through any concerns with you. 

Can my story be published anonymously?

Owing to the nature of our mission, our preferred method of storytelling is curated videos that showcase the unique nature of each of the people who share their stories with us. 

We understand that some people may find themselves in situations where this is not possible, owing to family circumstances or privacy concerns. In these cases, anonymity via a written version of your story is an option.  

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a confidential chat. We are happy to work with you to create a platform for your story which works for everyone.

Where do I need to live?

Currently, Emily’s Voice is considering stories from all Australian states and territories. We encourage you to apply and see what’s possible. 

I live overseas. Is sharing my story still possible?

Please do share your story with us. Just make a note of your location on your application. There are other possibilities for sharing your story besides in-person filming. 

I have another question that isn't listed here.

Please contact us via info@emilysvoice.com with any further questions you may have.